It’s official. I’m in love with UGLY BETTY. Last night, this TV addict’s initial plan was to watch UGLY BETTY until THE OFFICE started at 8:30PM. Yet as it was inching closer to 8:30, I just couldn’t bring myself to change the channel. UGLY BETTY was too much fun. Between Amanda and Marc’s never-ending snide remarks (“She’s like the real-life snuffleupagus… only hairier.”), Betty’s father hiding that he may be an illegal alien and Justin skipping school to ‘intern’ at Mode (“It’s just like top model except that no ones crying”) the show was truly firing on all cylinders.

That’s not to say THE OFFICE wasn’t great in its own right. So let’s get right to the highlight — Jim and Pam. I think I stopped breathing while Jim and Pam talked on the phone during the episodes final few minutes. It was such a small and beautiful moment, yet so meaningful. You could tell how much they missed each-other and how great it was to hear each-other’s voices. Kudos to the writers for handling the relationship so brilliantly. At this rate, I would be completely fine with Jim and Pam being separated all season, ensuring the show never ‘jumps the shark.’

Sandwiched in between UGLY BETTY and THE OFFICE for me was a little show that you may have heard of called GREY’S ANATOMY. Did anyone else find themselves a little distracted while watching GREY’S ANATOMY last night? As much as I love the show, I couldn’t help but think about all the real-life headlines that have been swirling around the show recently. While I still enjoyed the episode, the speculation about what Isiah Washington did on set is definitely having an effect on how I view the character of Preston Burke. You can bet that Shonda Rhimes is not pleased that the real-life behind the scenes drama on set is overshadowing the fictional drama at Seattle Grace.

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  • babygirrr

    I agree totally about Greys.. I love this show and will never stop watching, but knowing the drama behind the scenes is totally affecting the way I watch the show. Shame too.. having trouble looking at Preston Burke the same way too.. keep thinking to myself Christina deserves better! LOL

  • Actually, I adore Grey’s and it didn’t bother me a bit when I started watching it. I don’t care about Isiah or T.R. or Patrick, but I do care about Preston, George and Derek. My problem last night was that I wish Meredith and Derek would catch a break for a few minutes — their timing sucks.

  • Oh good. It’s not just me cheating on The Office (which I still think is the best show on the air) but I find myself watching all of Ugly Betty until the end and saving The Office for later. Meanwhile, loving the news about TR Knight though a little sad it had to come out in that sort of way. Plus, if the news is true, I’m a little sad for Isaiah who seemed really nice and intelligent in interviews but it does taint my view on him (and Burke) a bit.

  • Sam

    You don’t play around with 8.7 million dollars Izzie! And who else is ready for the show to be changed to ‘Yang’s Anatomy’? I completely cannot stand Meredith, why is she the ‘protagonist’.

    But to get on topic here, the infor surrounding the show did nothing to distract me from what I was watching and enjoying last night. We get next to no info about these stars or anything about the show (unlike say LOST where people are in DUI’s every other week) so it’s almost…nice?…I guess to hear something for a change.

  • Common Sense

    Yang’s Anatomy? I think “Gay’s Anatomy” might have more ring to it.

    While I was pretty ensconced (is that a word? Costanza used it) in Grey’s last season, I have now completely stopped watching it. I don’t even consider turning on ABC on Thursdays—the night belongs to Smallville & Supernatural, and taping The Office so I can keep the laughs forever.

  • Matty

    Common Sense, why would it be called “Gay’s Anatomy” if it is bad? Gay people are the best thing to happen to this show.


  • Jesse

    i’ve like ugly betty from the begining, but after last nights ep i had a gut feeling like that was THE episode that sealed this show as the real deal, it was perfect it left me so excited and i am so glad that when i woke up this morning everyone else seems to have had the same feeling, that this was a classic ep. and the show is firing on all cylinders. luv it…

  • ugly betty was awesome! i enjoyed the binge those two did while waiting for the meeting with wilhemina. priceless!
    as for grey’s anatomy, have your read watch with kristin’s inside scoop on what happened?