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  • Uhmm, what the hell?

    No Veronica love? This is getting a little redonkulous.

  • Sam

    Not one, but TWO Ugly Betty quotes? Is the show just THAT good? Maybe I should see for myself, lol.

    Oh and yes, Veronica Mars and The Office should always have two out of the three quote slots, lol.

  • I am loving UGLY BETTY… and sorry to disappoint VERONICA MARS fans, but I didn’t love this week’s episode. Veronica is getting a little too ‘stalker-like’ with Logan, it’s time she hooks up with Piz!

  • hmm. Again ditto with the opinion. VM wasn’t as great as normal (still better than most shows though) but Ugly Betty is getting more quotable by the minute.

  • Janice 1997

    While Stanley’s comment was indeed hilarious last week, Dwight Shrute yelling “welcome to Shrute Farm” had me laughing out loud – as does everything else he says.