Battlestar Galactica: Tigh, the true hero

How incredible was Friday’s episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA? Did the final scenes of the episode not completely give you chills? Starbuck realizing that Kacey wasn’t her child? The crew cheering Admiral Adama’s name, as Tigh quietly returned to his quarters. One thing is for sure, though our heroes may have been rescued off New Caprica, nothing will ever be the same. Collaborators and those who aided the Cylons will be punished, and this week’s episode, not surprisingly entitled ‘Collaborators’ will deal with that very issue. Having seen the upcoming episode, all this TV Addict will spill is that Ellen Tigh will not be the only person punished for collaborating with the Cylons.

Head on over to the LA TIMES for a great interview with executive producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick.

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  • The final scene had me tearing up, and it was one of those scenes that can make a person’s heart ache. So chilling!

  • To say that Ron Moore’s and David Eick’s Battlestar Galactica is the finest drama on television would be a tremendous understatement. This may well be the finest piece of literature in the history of the medium. If there is an appropriate category, this seasons two part opener should be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

  • Tigh did rule. The actor portraying him made me choke up when he said “not everyone” I was surprised by this because in the beginning of the series I found him to be quite insignificant. Great turn around.

  • Dave, completely agree. Michael Hogan has completely changed my perspective on Tigh. In the beginning, he was a caricature of a drunken second in command. After seeing his leadership skills in action on New Caprica, I see him in a completely different light.