Brothers & Sisters: Treat Williams Returns

As I continue to spent time with the Walker family, I find myself enjoying BROTHER & SISTERS more and more. Throw in EVERWOOD’s Treat Williams (Dr. Andy Brown) in the opening scene, and you’ve hooked me for the season. What a treat it was to see Treat Williams sans beard back on television (Yup, still bitter over EVERWOOD’S cancellation — by the way, how is that new show RUNAWAY doing on the CW?). My EVERWOOD obsession aside, Treat wasn’t the only guest star from the Greg Berlanti stock of players. JACK & BOBBY’S Keri Lynn Pratt (Missy) played an adorable intern on Kitty’s political talk show. Kerry Lynn is definitely making the guest star rounds this fall, having also stopped by VERONICA MARS and CSI. When is she going to get her own show?

Guest stars aside, I thought it was really fantastic how Justin was made the ‘hero’ of last night’s episode, showing Sarah how to properly administer an insulin shot on her daughter. I also thought Sally Field once again shined, as she awkwardly tried to move on with her life.

One final thought. Why is it every-time we see a supporting character on the show (ie. lawyer, doctor, hotel manager, or advertising executive), the character is one of colour? Obviously there’s nothing wrong with that, I just feel as though the writers are overcompensating for the fact that they’ve written yet another network show with a lilly white family. Just something to think about.

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  • Common Sense

    Why do I watch B/S?….That is the question. Really, nothing much happens. Some network could really “make hay” if they put something at 10pm Sunday worth watching.