Last night’s episode of HEROES, for the first time ever, had me on the edge of my seat the entire hour. The show is simply doing everything right. We’re getting a great story, fantastic acting and best of all, jaw-dropping endings. Following the tradition of ALIAS and LOST’S first season, each episode of HEROES has ended with a reveal that has this TV addict wishing I could harness Hiro’s time traveling abilities and find out what happens next week.

That said, television is at its best when I’m over-analyzing, so here are a few random comments I’ll make about last night’s episode.

Hiro’s English: It really bothers me how he seemed to pick up english in about two seconds. At least the writers could have given us a plausible explanation. I’m no writer, but how about pausing time while Hiro learns english for a few minutes.

Matt Parkman: When is Matt going to meet another ‘hero’. I find it odd how every one of our heroes are interconnecting, yet Matt seems to be more concerned with saving his marriage. Ummm, not only is does the fate of the world hang in the balance, but a serial killer is on the loose as well, there are far more important things then pleasing your wife.

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  • becky

    I think the little English Hiro knew was learned in school, in Japan English is taught I think. He didn’t seem to know too much English anyway!

  • I really wonder what side Nathan is going to end up on. Seeing him take off last night was definately the highlight of the episode.

  • Hiro’s friend was also teaching him some phrases phoenetically. I did love Hiro’s interaction with Nathan and I like that Niki revealed to Nathan about the video taping. In the meanwhile, Matt is our only hero to have seen Sylar — at least that we know of and he’s got a link to Claire’s dad (does that man have a name?) and his mysterious clean them out friend.

  • Sean, I too wonder… Nathan sort of seems to have an evil streak – thanks to the whole cheating on his wife. Of course, it’s Ali Larter, can you blame him? That said, I definitely think whatever sides they’re on, Peter and Nathan will end up on opposite sides. Brother against brother makes for far more interesting drama.

  • Sam

    Well we obviously know that if they aren’t on the same side (Peter and Nathan) that Nathan will in fact be evil since we know there’s no way that was Evil Hiro from the Future talking about Peter With a Scar from the Future last week.

  • Jasmine

    My take on Matt was that in episode 4 the black guy cleaned up his memory, then in episode 5 he was only concerned about his wife and he even lost control of his powers at the end. I think Matt was kind of “rebooted” so he’s unsure of his powers now.