JUST SHOOT ME Reunion on tonight’s VERONICA MARS

Just a reminder for all of the JUST SHOOT ME fans out there. Laura San Giacomo (Mia from JUST SHOOT ME) guest stars on tonight’s episode of VERONICA MARS. Laura plays ‘Harmony’ who hires Keith (Enrico Colantoni) to investigate her cheating husband. I wonder if the ex-JUST SHOOT ME lovers hook up? Tune in tonight to find out, 9PM on the CW.

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  • Well apparently this IS a recurring role for San Giacomo soooooo….


  • oooh… this was a GOOD one.

  • Common Sense

    VM was fun; Czuchry twist was unexpected. Gilmore Girls was another story. I finally agree with those who despise Christopher. What a total jerk he became when Lorelai tried to reason (however awkwardly) about the Gigi trip with a nanny. It doesn’t matter that they played nice-nice later on…the damage is done and she needs to dump him, not marry him. At this stage, Kirk and Taylor are looking like the best candidates in town for her.

  • babygirrr

    I agree VM was back to what I love about this show.. more Daddy Mars (he just wasn’t getting enough screen time). A little more Wallace would be nice too.. what did he have like 2 lines last night.. ugh. But most of all, the Logan stuff was fantastic. The stories of how awful his father was broke my heart, we all knew his father was awful to him, but I don’t think we knew of all of it until last night.. no wonder this boy is so messed up…and I also didn’t see that twist coming which I loved.

    GG I loved.. I liked that Christopher didn’t agree with her. He doesn’t always have to agree with her to love her. Raising a kid always causes heated discussions.. I actually loved how they handled it and am really looking forward to next week in Paris! Woot!