Great News for VERONICA MARS Fans

According to a press release just sent out by the CW, GILMORE GIRLS and VERONICA MARS combined to give The CW’s its most watched Tuesday to date, with approx. 4 million viewers. Even better news, for VERONICA MARS fans is that the show retained 81% of the GILMORE GIRLS audience in adults 18-34 (I think we can thanks Matt Czuchry for that). VERONICA MARS matched its season highs in adults 18-34 (1.7/5), adults 18-49 (1.4/4) and women 18-49 (1.9/5). MARS improved week to week by 6% in viewers (3.3mil) and 6% in women 18-49 (1.9/5), and held 100% of last week’s audience in adults 18-34, women 18-34 (2.2/6) and adults 18-49. The combination of the two female powerhouses represent a vast improvement over UPN’s Tuesday a year ago.

This TV addict forsees a full season pick-up for VERONICA MARS very soon!

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  • Will

    “The combination of the two female powerhouses represent a vast improvement over UPN’s Tuesday a year ago.”

    That’s probably because UPN didn’t air original programming on Tuesdays a year ago, it was just repeats of Top Model and Love, Inc.

    Don’t you just love it how the networks spin these press releases, only focusing on the positive stuff and failing to mention that both hours from Tuesday Night are actually down compared to The WB a year ago.

    Still, in the position they’re in now as a network I think Veronica Mars has nothing to worry about.

  • Gaius

    You know I have been waiting for the announcement of a full season pick up for Veronica Mars and have been looking anxiously at the ratings every week. I hope you are right and that the CW will make the announcement soon. What would life be like without Veronica Mars, I can’t even imagine.

  • It seems Veronica Mars is having reasonably good ratings, so I’m optimistic that we’ll have a full season. And I’ll cross my fingers about a fourth one. I hope you’re right, TV Addict.

  • Liz

    Woo-hoo! Thanks for spreading the good news. It’s nice to be able to (KNOCK ON WOOD) look forward to VM in the future, since some of my other favorite shows are definitely on the rocks (The Nine, Scrubs in its new timeslot, Studio 60…).