Live Blogging LOST (Episode 4, Season 3)

8:58PM Two minutes until LOST starts. The promos look great, of course I’ve been fooled by teasers before!

9:05PM “We just got our ticket out of here”… Okay, that was a very cool opening. This episode actually seems as if it may live up to the hype.

9:10PM Sawyer in Prison…. interesting. Ian Gomez guest starring! FELICITY alert! Gomez’s charcter robbed a bank. Rumour has it, they never found the money…. interesting…. what is this, PRISON BREAK! Who is the warden? Have we seen him in a previous flashback? I don’t remember! Costanza, classic Sawyer line. Woah, Benry Gale…. totally kicked Sawyer’s butt… I actually feel bad for him. I too hate needles!

9:20PM Benry Gale is truly evil…. killing a bunny, that is horrible. Genius plan, it’s like watching SPEED…. if Sawyer’s heart goes over 140….. KaBoom. Is there really something in Sawyer’s heart.. or is it all an elaborate plan to trick him into behaving.

9:30PM Who was Ian Gomez talking to? A blonde girl, have we seen her before? SO many connections in LOST, i get confused. Sawyer has a daughter…. she’s conning him for sure. Her name’s Clementine…. seriously? Worst Name Ever. Okay, well next to Suri. Okay, i missed a lot of this segment, my roomate couldn’t stop talking. So random Other dies, husband is pissed. Sawyer, fight back…. he can’t, the heart thing… Of course getting your butt kicked in, should have made his heart explode.. Obviously it’s fake.

9:43PM Kate totally loves Sawyer, as much as she doesn’t want to admit it. “Live Together, Die alone” very cool of Kate…. reminds me of a tshirt I saw on CafePress. Benry Gale is so freaky, what is his plan? Hmmmmm Juliette is a fertility doctor. Good to know for when Jin has her baby (in what, 10 seasons from now?) Who has a tumor on their spine? No coincidence that Jack is a spinal surgeon… there are no coincidences on LOST!

9:52PM Isn’t there easier ways to make fire? Also where is Mr. Eko? Sawyer just lied and cheated his way out of prison…. Perhaps Michael Scoffield could have taken some notes… seems a lot easier then his elaborate plan. I called it, even the Others can’t perform such complicates open heart surgery!

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  • Yea, I was kinda smiling too. 🙂

  • Sam

    So was I. I almost feel bad.

  • Don’t feel bad, THE OTHERS are evil 🙂 okay, they probably aren’t, but we won’t find that out for at least three seasons.

  • chocolatebonita

    I saw the episode already in Canada. Won’t give anything away, but I’m very interested to see what you think of it.

  • chocolatebonita… don’t give up anything, but would you say it’s the best of the season?

  • Costanza! HA.

  • chocolatebonita

    Sorry to say but no.

  • So far, excellent. Poor Sawyer

  • Sam

    Poor Sawyer indeed. Why is he ALWAYS getting hurt?

  • Does anyone else think The Others are really descendants from the people who’ve always lived on the island, and the dahrma initiative folks are really the evil ones?

  • chocolatebonita

    From the lost experience over the summer it sure does seem that way.

  • oh frack…

  • Sam

    Probably tvaddict. Although, I gotta say, The Others sure do seem to have the evil bit nailed down.

  • chocolatebonita

    I’m not telling you it turns out. . lol But I thought of Speed too!

  • Sam

    Sure she was crying but I have to wonder if Kate really loves Sawyer. And I hope Sawyer has no pacemaker. That would suck for him. And us if he dies.

  • “Good to know for when Jin has her baby (in what, 10 seasons from now?)”

    Whoa! Jin’s having a baby?! This really IS one freaky island!


  • They realy are promoing Tay Diggs DayBreak to death

  • Sorry, SUN

  • OMG.

  • Honestly, cool episode… but what really happened? Nothing! Again! Honestly, it’s the LOST promo dept that deserves an Emmy!

  • Sam

    Yawn to tonights epoy and yawn to the previews for next week. I think Heroes is now my fav show. Sorry LOST, you just don’t cut it anymore.

  • Common Sense

    I liked the ep…sort of a manic pace. But, as always, even tho I’m watching…I don’t know what’s happening! ha ha! What was that lightning rod all about? To somehow save blondie & the baby from getting struck? And about the 2 islands…are they on the “Alcatraz” island? Or is the OTHER island Alcatraz? Who’s where…and why? And why is Sam yawning? 🙂

  • Sam

    LOL CS!

  • Kate

    Great to see Deadwood people.

  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||


  • Sam

    Who votes for TVAddictAddict to drop by during next weeks live blog so we can see exactly what (s)he dislikes about next weeks episode? 🙂

  • Common Sense

    As Jan Brady would say on SLN: “Okay! Sure! Far out! Let’s DO it” If the AddictAddict can’t get into next week’s LOST….which includes some “shocking” death….then he/she’s banished to a full-season of the Suitcase Opening show. See ya Wednesday.