Live Blogging Lost, tonight 9PM

Just a quick note to LOST fans everywhere. The TV addict will be live blogging LOST at 9PM (eastern standard time). Feel free to join in the fun, debate and endless commentary of ‘why does nothing ever happen in the show?’ (yet of course we’re still hooked).

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  • ***SPOILER***

    Michael Ausiello & Kristin Veitch are saying that a series regular dies next week and none of us will believe who it is. 🙁

  • t_dot

    INO i just read that. I am so bummed. any guesses!?!
    I also heard someone not MAJOR dies tonight!?!?

  • t_dot

    1 more thing. so r the podcasts goin to be updated every thrusday now instead of tuesday!?!?!?

  • there will be a new podast tomorrow. not sure as to whether it will be tuesdays or thursdays, it’s pretty much whenever we can get them done!

  • Sam

    Crap dogit! My eyes saw ‘series regular dies next week’ as I tried to look away. Again, crap!

    Although, the show doesn’t have any more ‘throwaway’ characters to kill. Except Claire but she has the whole evil baby storyline so…

  • t_dot

    thx tvaddict, as long as there is a podcast.THX