Veronica Mars: The Good, The Bad, The Stunt Casting

Last’s night’s episode of VERONICA MARS was a nice return to form for Veronica and Co. It’s about time that the ‘rape mystery’ played a pivotal role in the episode, rather than just being tacked onto the final few minutes. So here it goes, the TV addict’s Good, Bad and Stunt Casting.

THE GOOD: The delightful Keith Mars (Enrico Colantoni) finally had a decent story-line, as he was hired by Harmony (better known as his co-star on JUST SHOOT ME, Laura San Giacoma) to discover if her husband was cheating. While Harmony’s husband was surprisingly failthful, I suspect that Harmony may end up cheating on her husband — with surprise surprise, the man she hired to investigate her husband (yes, in case you didn’t follow that, I’m talking about Kieth). The two actors once again showed off their fantastic chemistry and reminded my why I enjoyed JUST SHOOT ME all those years ago.

And speaking of Enrico Colantoni, check back early next week for’s exclusive interview with television’s best single dad, Enrico Colantoni.

THE BAD: Aside from the new theme song, which I honestly believe is the worst theme song on network TV, I’m quite frankly annoyed that we never get to see any of the ‘regular’ cast members. Why have Mac, Piz, Wallace and Weevil in the opening credits if they’re never going to be used? While I understand that being in the ‘opening credits’ doesn’t exactly mean you’re signed on for all twenty-two episodes — in the days of 90210 and Melrose Place, if you were in the opening, you generally were guaranteed to appear in the majority of the episodes. Why make actors regulars if they’re not going to be use, well, regularly?

THE STUNT CASTING: Matt Czuchry’s story-line was pretty weak. Did anyone buy the fact that fresh faced Logan Huntsburger was actually a Vanity Fair reporter? This TV addict bought it as much as he believed Denise Richards was Nuclear Scientist in Bond’s THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH.

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  • Mike K.

    I think that the new theme song is addictive – which you, of all people, should appreciate. I listened the first time on the web before the show opened this season and was underimpressed. But, as the weeks go on, I find that it is the song that I end up singing to myself of all the show on. I miss the energy of the original, but “worst on tv” – nah…..

  • I loved the original theme song, it had a nice energy and excitement to it. I’ve had four weeks to have the new version grow on me, and it simply hasn’t. It is slow and just sounds strange. Perhaps it’s because I’m used to the old one, but I just think it’s too depressing, and not a good fit.

  • i like the theme now i guess
    it sort of goes with it

    logan storyline with a cool one, just conducted badly..
    i heard the next time Mac appears is episode 9…i hate that

  • Jesús

    I don’t get why you keep writing that the credits are that bad.
    They are the only thing that I’ve seen of season 3 so far (I’ve just converted. I’m catching up with season 1 and 2) and I thought they were awesome. More adult, more serious even sadder, as if Veronica were growing up and starting to leave behind the idea that everything can be mended. And I really hope that is where the show is getting.
    I like the pictures, the dark tone and the new arrangments in the song.
    Who would have said three years ago that the first important 21th c. sleuth would be a teenage blonde in a tv show?

  • i think by now we know of the budget constraints veronica mars constantly has; and that’s the reason for the rotations. though they have regular cast members, this only means that they will be appearing in 12 episodes or more. i remember rob talking about not being able to afford having all cast members in every episode… at least only veronica, logan and keith appear in every episode. it’s good that they’re still better than most shows despite these limitations.