TV Addict Podcast 25: 25th Anniversary!

The TV Addict podcast returns this week for our 25th Anniversary. This week Hosts Dan (theTVaddict) and Ariel talk about the week that was in TV, including UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, LOST, BROTHERS & SISTERS and much much more!

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  • Mario

    Please, please, please have Ariel speak into the mic. I have to turn up my ipod to hear her and when Dan talks I get my ears blown out. Either she needs a new, better, mic or she is way too far from it. I agree that having another person on might help – someone who has seen the shows you are discussing in a sober state. Also – either swear or don’t – doesn’t bother me if you do but, decide and stick to it.

  • Dear Mario,

    Sorry for the sound problems, I’m getting a new Mic this week so hopefully Ari will be far easier to listen to.

  • tcgc

    Don’t dis the wonderful ari mario. Whether the shows are watched drunk or sober she is very insightful.

  • Mario

    Thanks, I hope to hear her better in the future.

    tcgc – the sober thing is not a dis, I guess I got a little frustrated with her not seeing alot of the shows and saying that she was drunk when she was watching others. Makes her look alot less interested in the podcast than Dan. I really like the site and I look forward to better sounding podcasts.

  • tcgc

    Well maybe she has a life outside of watching tv and there’s nothing wrong with drinking and watching tv. Ari can still give out great commentary sober or not. I think she’s very much interested in the podcast. No need to be frustrated and take it so seriously. Don’t sweat the little things.