Your Reviews: THE OC Season Premiere

The fourth season premiere of THE OC is now online at Unfortunately, since I’m a mac user, and live in Canada, this TV addict can’t access the premiere. So it’s up to you loyal readers, please post your reviews below. Nothing fancy, complicated or long necessary. Just let me know a few things: Is the show back to being fun again? How great is Chris Pratt (Bright from EVERWOOD)? and should I allocated valuable PVR/TIVO space and record the season, as I blissfully watch GREY’S ANAOMTY?

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  • babygirrr

    I just got done watching it and I tell you I am hooked already. I hated last year and wasnt’ particularly fond of Season 2, but I am really liking the new feel of the show right now. I almost cried with the whole comic stuff and Summer did a good job too! You will love it!

  • Attn: Canadians… do me a favour, try to go and watch the video with a PC. I’m curious if it’s a counry restriction or just a mac restriction! Thanks

  • Liz

    They’re RACIST!!!! I just tried to log in from the UK on a pc and it was blocked.

  • I loved the first episode. It was dark and quite angsty. Having seen the first four eps of the new season, I will say that it does get a little brighter. The 4th episode was great, and I was bummed that I am going to have to wait a loooooong time before I get to see the next ep.

  • jls

    Nope. Doesn’t work for me (in Canada) and I’m on a PC. It’s annoying that none of the networks will let us watch their free stuff. ABC, NBC, Showtime… now Fox.

    Thank goodness for YouTube.

  • RAE

    I was very disappointed with the season premiere. I wish it wouls have picked up from the crash. I wish I could have seen the initial reactions to the news of her death.