New Word of the Day: TiNo

I recently came across a new word that I think is brilliant — TiNo. TiNo refers to shows that you constantly TiVo (or PVR as the case may be) and never watch. Current shows I’ve TiNo’d are JUSTICE, JERICHO, and THE NINE. What’s on your TiNo list?

Thanks to LostRemote for the Word of the Day!

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  • T. Paul

    My TiNo list had been growing and growing lately. But I do eventually watch them but just 3-4 weeks later than I actually record them. The biggest issue has been with Men in Trees and Brothers and Sisters. I think it’s their weekend placing that makes it hard as its the weekend where I mostly do my TiVo catch-up. But the list extends to The Nine, Top Chef, Ugly Betty, and What About Brian. Then there’s Six Feet Under which I’m watching for the first time on Bravo, but it usually gets overshadowed by my new syndication discovery that has me completely addicted: Everwood!!!

  • Oh thank heavens SOMEBODY is still discovering Everwood! Too bad The CW is now kicking itself for 7th Runaway loser block.

    In the meantime, What About Brian and Standoff are TiNo’d as it’s being said. I know everyone LOVES this show but House is also TiNo’d for me for the past year. There are some great episodes in between mediocre ones with great acting, but watching them back to back you realise it’s the same friggin episode every week.

  • T. Paul, you’re so lucky to be discovering EVERWOOD for the first time. Enjoy it for four incredible seasons!

  • Ronald Rios

    Hahahaha Prison Break is my TiNo.

  • Chloe

    Mine would be Ugly Betty.

  • Chloe – how are you not watching UGLY BETTY?
    Ronald – PB is great this season!

  • Realyn

    Mine would be: Justice( i love spy daddy, but justice got no real storyline/cliffhangers ), Jericho( Jericho rocks, only the sub-plots are freaking boring ) aaand dont laugh … Ugly Betty.
    I´m from Germany, and we got a TV show like Ugly Betty for 1 Year now.Its called “Verliebt in Berlin” … and well, its exactly the same. Ugly Girl finds her new Love in a new City.

    PS:sorry for my English guys … and girls 😉

  • T. Paul

    I don’t know how I forgot to mention this, but my ultimate TiNo crime is Medium. I still have the last three episodes from last season on there. Hopefully I’ll watch them before season three in November.

  • i really wanna start watching everwood…again?

    i was obsessed with the show for the last 3 weeks of it’s third season.

    i think i’ll watch the whole series…

  • babygirrr

    Mine is the Nine, I just can’t get into this show, I really tried, but I just don’t like it. I did have What About Brian, but I decided to even stop DVR’ing that one all together, it was just so boring. Right now I have tons of Everwood, I am going to have a marathon as soon as I get all of Season 1 on there. But I would not consider that a TiNo. Just a waiting for the whole season to watch back to back!

  • Kelleh

    The West Wing. CLT shows 3 episodes a week and since I only got to see the last 2 seasons when they actually aired Ive been recording from the begining and watching in order. Im currently halfway through 3rd season and have until season 5 saved on my PVR. I can only watch it when I have time in between all my current shows that I record every week.