Random TV Tidbits for Friday

The parade of death and depression isn’t over on tonight’s new episode of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. The episode, entitled “Collaborators’ deals with ‘The Circle’ (a group of six officers) who have taken it upon themselves to punish those who collaborated with the Cylons on New Caprica. Jammer (who rescued Kaly from execution in episode three is one of those targeted for ‘trial’, as is Felix Gaeta. I’ll leave it to your own imagination as to who lives and dies, but seeing as though this is BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, punishment is not surprisingly a harsh and brutal reality.

Last night the TV addict had a chance to screen CBS’ upcoming new medical drama 3 LBS. My full review will be coming soon, but in case you’re wondering, 3 LBS is best described as HOUSE plus CHICAGO HOPE divided by CSI and GREY’S ANATOMY. It pretty much takes bits and pieces from every popular crime/medical procedural currently out there in an attempt to create television’s next big hit.

Good news for STUDIO 60 fans, according to the Hollywood Reporter, NBC has ordered three additional scripts of the Sorkin scripted show. Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come, and NBC hangs on to its most captivating new drama.

Could this TV Addict be anymore excited for NBC’s new MUST SEE TV lineup! Thanks to THE OFFICE, SCRUBS & 30 ROCK, Thursday nights have quickly gotten a lot funnier — and more jam packed. Between MUST SEE TV, ABC’s UGLY BETTY, GREY’S ANATOMY as well as THE OC and SMALLVILLE, thank God for the invention of the PVR and timeshifting.

And in case you’re wondering, yes I’m still incredibly bitter that Canadians and MAC users can’t watch the season premiere of THE OC. But if you’re American and a PC users, Great News! You can check out the season premiere early at myspace.com/fox

  • why isnt anything on the internet available to people in canada?
    even iTunes doesnt sell tv shows in the canada store.

  • http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,226092,00.html – read… i hope since it’s from fox news, things are pretty much still up in the air.

  • I already heard the news, but am purposly not writing about it. I’m not going to support any rumours about ‘you know what’ until NBC sends out an official press release.