Having just finished watching last night’s episode of UGLY BETTY, I’m more convinced then ever that Americans must stand-up and support their valued illegal immigrants. Who knew television could be so powerful! Okay, mabye not that powerful, but seriously folks, UGLY BETTY has quickly become the weeks most anticipated show (and yes, I realize that I seem to say that a lot).

The truth is that for this TV addict, UGLY BETTY is a blissful escape. It’s a show the whole family can sit around and not have to worry about gruesome killings, corrupt lawyers or an island mythology so dense it takes a PHD to figure out what the frak is going on.

As per usual, this week’s installment had me laughing, smiling and left me with an aching finger from constantly rewinding my PVR to re-watch a key scene. LOVED Wilhelmina’s reaction when we’re finally introduced to her daugheter. LOVED Betty standing up to Daniel and telling him he should change his philandering ways. And LOVED that Betty’s father told her what we all knew was coming, that he’s an illegal immigrant.

Finally, with Halloween just around the corner, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Marc’s ‘Ugly Betty’ costume. While he definitely made a great ‘Betty’, he also had a television network’s costume and make-up department on hand to help him out. If you happen to be at a Halloween party, or just trick-or-treating yourself… feel free to snap a photo of the best UGLY BETTY costume you see. Send your BETTY photos to, I’ll post the best ones!

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  • Uhm, am I the only one who wanted Betty to dump the boyfriend and start dating the geeky accountant?

    LOVE Christopher Gorham.

  • I thought his halloween costume was brilliant!

  • Tim!!! I wanted so badly for her to dump the boyfriend! Is Christopher Gorham going to be back on? I think he should compete for Betty’s love!!!

    And PS – Justin is hands down my favorite character. Gene Kelly? And the tapdancing and the singing…so utterly charming ha

    I could go on for hours about my favorite parts of last night’s episode….when Cristina was trying to squeeze Wilhelmina into the “size 2” and they kept making fun of her accent and the inability to understand her…Judith Light and her really really tall hair…Marc’s costume…I also like that they’re trying to give some depth to the Bitchy!Amanda….

  • I loved how Wilhelmina kept calling Cristina “Consuela.”

  • Bexxie

    OMG bettys dad MUST live!!!!!!!!!!