TV Quotes of the Week!

Hope you all were watching TV this week with pencils in hand. It’s that time again, time for your favourite TV Quotes of the Week. Post your favourites below.

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  • Sam

    Should I have watched Ugly Betty this week? 🙂

  • Ash

    “Ok, but your shoes are definitely bi-curious.”
    – Jack (Alec Baldwin) to Liz Lemon, 30 Rock

  • Common Sense

    “Not really.”

    Dawn Ostroff’s oh-so-insightful response to TV Guide online, when asked if Veronica Mars had received a full-season pickup.

    “Not really?” What the frak does THAT mean?

  • Griffey

    This is a had to be there one, but my pick is for Lost. After seeing ‘Trixie’ brought in with a nasty gunshot wound:

    Kate: What happened to her?

    Sawyer: We happened.

  • Sam

    Wait, it’s doing better than last season and is definitely a show people will actually turn to the CW to watch but yet no season pickup? What the frak indeed.

  • OK, I couldn’t decide so I have two.

    1) “Ms. Graham you are talented, you are a delight, and may I say you are a hot buttered biscuit.”
    – Danny to Lauren Graham on Studio 60

    2) “Work Dork”
    “Work Dork Lover”
    – Rory and Logan on Gilmore Girls

  • UGLY BETTY edition of “Quotes of the Week”

    “That’s absolutely the cruelest thing I’ve ever seen. Someone’s getting a raise.”

    “Let me guess, when you got on the elevator downstairs you were a caterpillar?”

    “Give me back the glass and set fire to me when I’m done.”

    “Better hope he can sing and tap and throw a punch.”

  • Jasmine

    From Veronica Mar’s

    “Why buy the cow when your swimming free in the milk?”
    -Dick to Veronica

  • Jasmine:

    It was actually “Why rape the cow when you’re swimming in free milk?”