The Curse of Christopher Gorham

Since his recent guest starring role as a new love interest for Betty on Thursday’s UGLY BETTY, the TV addict has been inundated with emails calling for Betty to ‘choose’ Christopher (making him a series regular). As much fun as Christopher was on the show (along with his brilliant ‘Clark Kent inspired’ halloween costume), this TV addict can’t help but think that having Christopher on UGLY BETTY is just a recipe for disaster.

Consider Christopher’s TV track record: OUT OF PRACTICE, MEDICAL INVESTIGATION, JAKE 2.0, FELICITY and POPULAR. What do these shows have in common? They didn’t last long, or in the case of FELICITY, ended quickly after Christopher showed up. For the sake of UGLY BETTY, this TV Addict thinks it’s best that Betty chooses goofy Walter!

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  • haha you used the theatre addict picture at the end by accident.
    popular was suchhhh a good show but no one ever remembers it.
    i’ve heard so much hype about ugly betty.
    i think i’ll start watching.

  • Sam

    I remember Popular mohammad. I have both seasons on DVD.

    And if were gonna talk about acceptable and non acceptable show killers I think we can all be thankful Betty’s love interest isn’t Eric Balfour. He’d end the show faster.

  • Sam, Very true… Eric Balfour is a very bad sign your show isn’t going to last.

  • Steven

    Tell that to Joss Whedon. Mr Balfour was in the aired pilot of Buffy all those years ago – then his character was killed off. ;D

  • you forgot [b]Odyssey 5[/b]

  • Common Sense

    Popular was THE funniest show The WB ever had—way ahead of its time. If fans couldn’t get into that humor & great cast, there was no hope for any comedy on the network. (The lady who played the nurse & all those other roles was the best!)

    As for Chris Gorham, he’s hot & very talented. Even liked him on that recent sitcom w/ Stockard Channing (you know…the “Emmy nominee”…hee hee).

  • i miss old the wb (roswell, buffy, popular, jack & bobby, what i like about you season 1 etc)

    i feel so sad that shows like jack & bobby, reunion, and popular ended so soon and shows like full house went on for like 7 seasons.

  • Erica

    Gorham’s so darn cute that I keep on hoping his shows don’t get cancelled. Plus I’m starting to watch Ugly Betty because he’s on it.

    I’d be more worried for Ugly Betty if the next woman the boss slept with was Chyler Leigh or Paula Marshall.
    (Note: when Paula Marshall showed up on Veronica Mars, I was terrified. Thankfully I got into the show late and knew that VM would make it to a second season.)

    Uh-oh. I just realized that Rena Sofer is also one of these people – and she’ll be on Heroes soon. Save us, Hiro!

  • Ariel

    he is an amazing actor , with the cutest ears i’ve ever seen.