Random TV Tidbits for Monday

Watching the Walker Family hide secrets from eachother has quickly become my favourite Sunday night tradition. Let’s hope there are enough skeletons in each family member’s closet to keep this show interesting for seasons to come. Judging from next week’s preview of BROTHERS & SISTERS, we’re in for a treat. And not just because EVERWOOD’S Treat Williams will be once again guest starring as a love interest for Nora.

Just when you thought BATTLESTAR GALACTICA couldn’t get any darker, ‘The Circle’ appears on Galactica. Watching The Circle play judge, jury and executioner for the Cylon Collaborators was incredibly difficult to watch. RIP Jammer. Thank God Felix Gaeta didn’t find himself jettisoned out of an air lock. Like Anders said, “the war is over, and there is only so much killing we can take.”

One of the best dramas on television is one that has already been cancelled. I’m completely loving every minute of NBC’s KIDNAPPED. I have no idea who’s behind Leo’s kidnapping and what their motive is. All I do know is that the show is incredibly well written, beautifully acted and will have at least one loyal fan until the final thirteenth episode. Kudos to NBC for giving the show enough time to write what will hopefully be a fantastic conclusion.

Last night’s preview for Sunday’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES give us the impression that someone’s about be killed in a supermarket shoot-out. Who do we think is going to bite the bullet? This TV Addict hopes it’s crazy Nora.

  • Sam

    I enjoyed Kidnapped as well. Unfortunately the fact this is cancelled means I won’t be watching the final episodes for fear of going crazy that it’s actually over.

    About Desperate Housewives, I have to say that while I still hope it’s Nora that dies (as does absolutely everyone else that watches the show) the character has started to develop a few interesting layers. Too little too late though.

  • BSG was gutwrenching on Friday! I was so troubled by the Circle and what they were up to, but incredibly drawn to these seriously damaged characters. I actually hate that Sam and Kara have essentially split. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Uncle Cooper is going to be forgotten – I love him!

    Also – I love Brothers and Sisters – it’s such a charming show! So my question, though it may appear a bit obvious – is Holly’s kid William’s? When do we think we’ll meet her, end of November sweeps?

  • Common Sense

    All I know is, those two gay guys on B/S are WAY to sensitive to each other’s comments. A little over-the-top in always jumping down each other’s throats, so to speak. Did I also read that there’s a bit of a cast-war between Calista & Rachel…thinking the “biggest” star has to be the last to the set? Correct me if I’m wrong, but they can BOTH take a big backseat to two-time Oscar winner Sally Field.

    And as for DH, I’m sure Laurie Metcalf’s gunfight will spell her end on the show…which really sucks, since she’s about the most-interesting part of the show.

    Is it Wed. yet? I need LOST.

  • Sam

    CS you aren’t alone. What we will all do after next Wednesday’s episode though?

  • Sam – Agreed about Nora, she has gotten better as we’ve realized her reason for acting how she does.
    Amrie – Agreed about Holly’s kid… definitely thought the same as you.
    CS – Agreet about Laurie Metcalf, although I’m loving her, as I always have since Roseanne.

  • How awesome was Lynette’s little “hug” last night? I always have such a hard time deciding between her and Gabrielle as my favorite character.

  • Oh, and I’m switching the link from my MySpace page over to the new blog I started on VOX. Check it out!

  • MySpace is so last year. And yes Tim, I loved Lynette’s Hug with Nora

  • Bros and Sis is slowly climbing up my chart while Studio 60 is falling slowly(though not as fast as some of the media pundits are calling it. its not THAT bad to be hated). But yes, I find myself looking forward to watching Bros and Sis while I tend to force myself to watch Studio 60 now (though I appreciate it after).

    and how bout that hilarious ep of DH last night?