Submit your HEROES questions for the Petrelli Brothers

Tomorrow afternoon, the TV Addict will be interviewing the Petrelli Brothers — Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia). If you have any questions for TV’s most fascinating new HEROES, please post them below.

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  • babygirrr

    Yes, I have one for Milo, does he like pushing his bangs out of his face each episode, or is that the writers decision? LOL I kid I kid! LOL

    My real question is out of all the powers that he can absorb, which would he most want to hang on to? Also let them both know I LOVE THE SHOW!

  • E

    Why don’t we get to see any of Nathan’s internal struggle of coming-to-grips with his flying?

  • the good shepherd

    Will both brothers be good guys or will one of them turn into his brother’s nemesis, if it turns out like that who will be the good guy and who will be the bad guy?
    Is Peter Petrelli Sylar?

  • Jenny

    Hmm, ask Adrian if & when we’ll see Nathan’s wife’s reaction to him sleeping with bad Nicki in LV.

    The question for Milo that babygirrr said is good, about which power would he most want to hang on to.

    Ask them both which their favorite scene to shoot so far has been. The flying, the sex, the train, etc.

  • Adina

    I would like to ask them about their characters, and the relationship between them. How close are Nathan and Peter? Is Nathan always looking out for Peter? Does he enjoy it or does he feel it’s a burden? And for Milo, is Peter looking at these powers as a way to distinguish himself as someone other than “Nathan’s brother”? Does Peter often struggle with resenting Nathan and looking up to him?

  • Drax

    I’d like to ask them why, in their opinions, does the show work so well at such an early stage ? Is it the quality of the writing ? The direction ? Their fellow cast members ?
    I mean seriously, this show hums along like a well rehearsed symphony, they’ve got lightning in a bottle here, what’s the secret ?

  • Alex

    Ask Adrian if there’s any way to muzzle his real-life wife, the Dixie Embarrassment.

  • Michelle

    Do you consciously mimic each other’s expressions or come up with similar acting choices to show the genetic connection between the Petrellis?

    Have you filmed any of your scenes in NY?

  • Mariana

    Question for Milo:

    If Peter comes to a point where he must decide if he’ll use his powers for the good, or for the evil, what do you think he’ll chose?
    And do you believe in the theory that Peter might be Sylar?

  • Erika

    Are personal questions allowed? If so, are Adrian and Milo single at the moment?

  • Xm

    Who is responsible for Peter’s bangs? And when will they stop? Can’t Peter be emo without bangs? They’re driving the viewers nuts.

  • Alexa

    -Like others, I also want to know the paths of these two characters. Will they be good or evil? Will they work together or grow farther apart?

    -Anything they can spoil?

    -Does the cast get along well? Do they see each other a lot?

  • Vale From Italy

    A Question for Milo (here in Italy every girl loves you): please tell me that you and Alexis went back together. You and Alexis are so perfect, so lovely, so solumates! Thank you for the answer! I love Peter and Heroes, it’s a great Telefilm!

  • Jessica

    My question is for Milo.

    How does the experience of working on this show differ from other shows you’ve been on like American Dreams?

    p.s. Milo you are my favorite actor.

  • robbye

    hi i’am italian if there are mistakes appreciate the effort writing in English I know that the personal questions are not allowed so I make you questions on work!
    here in italy we don’t see the show(argh)
    we see something here and there but you speak fast understanding you is complicated:)
    CAN YOU explain to THE italian fan your character and their relationship??.

    do you have a production company right??
    this company has a name?i can’t find this.
    which are the plans of this company??

    thank you
    bye robbye

  • Lisa

    Ok, if personal questions are allowed:
    Milo, are you dating anyone?

    The show:
    What were your favorite scenes to shoot?
    What’s your favorite/least favorite thing about your character?
    Are there anymore shirtless scenes?

  • sally

    Both- how do you feel being part of such a wonderful and majorly successful show? How have your lives changed?

    and umm..

    For Milo- Are you back with Alexis Bledel?

  • I’m going to be nice, and ignore the Alexis Bledel(huge fan of hers) questions.

    Rory and Jess fans are broken because of the fact that you said that you wouldn’t do Gilmore Girls again. And I was wondering if you would please change your mind?

    TO MILO:
    Why did this part interest you?
    What is your favorite/least favorite part of the Petrelli Brothers’ relationship?

    To ADRIAN:
    Why do you think Nathan is so unusually driven towards his career? Will we ever find out?

  • Jessica

    For Milo:

    What’s the status on Intelligence? Are we going to get to see it any time soon?

  • Marcy

    For Milo:
    Will Peter get together with Claire?

  • Anna

    For Milo:
    Any idea what Jess Book “The Subsect” is about?

  • Erica

    Many of the scenes between the two brothers seems to center around a balance of power, especially in how the two brothers relate. For example on the roof scene, Peter seemed to be holding all the cards, but in the campaign office, Nathan would be pushing around Peter. How, as actors, do you approach this relationship and the way that the two characters interact? Is it just reading the lines the writers have given you or does this balance influence how you build the scenes?

  • Sam

    The Petrelli Brothers chemistry is so charismatic……long time Milo fan by the way. I’m so glad he has finally landed on such a great show, to match his talents.

    Are either of the “brothers “concerned about major characters dying yet?
    Do they know what involvement their father had in the mythology of the show? I’m sure he will have had powers of some sort……

    I hope neither of them go. Milo get the producers to allow you to cut your hair, I bet you are dying to do that by now, aren’t you?
    Keep up the good work…..from an ardent fan in the UK

  • Emily

    Before asking my question I would like to state that Peter is so cute!!
    Ok my question is as follows:
    Will Peter find out that Claire is his brother’s daughter and how will Claire react when she finds out her “hero” is the brother of her father?

    I hope that this question is answered, but after what happened in the last episode, where Iscac(spelled that wrong) shot the only love of his life and Peter’s love; who will know what will happen. this show is so addictive and makes you hope that there are people out there, but not like Syler:)! Hopefully Sheresh(spelled that wrong too) will figure out that, the man he is traveling with is Syler, but we will have to wait and see. Can’t wait!