HEROES: Super Predictable

I did not love last night’s episode of HEROES. In fact, I’d go as far to say that thanks to its slow pacing and character-centric story, the episode entitled “Better Halves” felt more like an episode of LOST. I waited all hour for something to happen, only to be disappointed with the predictable ending. Here’s a few things the writers of HEROES should probably take note of if they want to ensure a long and successful series run.

PREDICTABILITY: The audience isn’t stupid. We knew from the moment we met them that Claire’s ‘Bio-Parents’ were not her real parents. Claire’s Dad (aka. Horn-Rimmed Glasses) is obviously orchestrating everything for his own (hopefully to be explained) purpose. Thus, the point of Claire’s entire fake meeting was what exactly?

While on the subject of predictability. Let me mention Nikki’s relationship with her husband D.L. I certainly wasn’t the only viewer who saw from a mile away that Nikki’s alter ego was responsible for landing D.L. in jail? Did anyone else think that when Micah walked in on his parents fighting he would somehow shoot something from his super-mind and break them apart?

Finally, Eden – the friend of Mohinder’s father, and the cute chick from EVERWOOD who’s been helping Mohinder continue his father’s work. The reveal that she is working for the ‘bad guys’ (presuming they’re bad of course) was not at all surprising. Absolutely no-one in New York is that friendly without a reason.

HIRO: Obviously Hiro has quickly broken out as a fan favourite. But like all great characters (see: Barney on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER or Gob on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT etc.) it’s wise not to over use them. I find a little Hiro goes a long way.

GREG GRUNBERG Out of all our HEROES, Greg’s Matt Parkman has so far had the least integral character on the show. Let’s hope the writers utilize Greg more in future episodes, as I found last night’s episode far too Nikki-centric. Nothing puts a smile on my face like a snappy line from the mouth of Greg. If I wanted to watch Greg play an inconsequential role every few episodes, I have season after season of ALIAS to reference. Greg Grunberg deserves more!

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  • I liked last night’s epsiode. The parents thing with Claire was just funny and I loved it when her mom asked her dad if he should be eavesdropping like that and he said ‘yes.’

  • Common Sense

    Nice reveal on why the FBI guy’s a nutjob on Prison Break. And what now?…Linc’s caught! Didn’t quite get what that buried liquid was all about—explosives? For what?

    Just read that Roseanne will guest as Joy’s trailer-park manager Thurs. on EARL. Ought to be a hoot—Rosey’s made for that role; I’ll actually tune in. And my new speculation on the VM serial-rapist: the creepy school president. He was weirdly funny on ARRESTED, and maybe he’s shaving the girls’ heads because he’s bitter about being bald himself under that scraggly rug.

  • CS, you totally spoiled Prison Break for me! I haven’t watched it yet! Not sure if you noticed…. but my post was about HEROES, not PB! 🙂

  • theTodd

    The problem I have personally with Nikki is that I don’t see her “ability” as a power at all. She seems more like she just has multiple personality disorder, along with delusions and halucinations. I just don’t see how it fits in.

  • I agree; last night’s ep was the weakest so far. After a couple great action-packed episodes, not much happened and there wasn’t much fun stuff to recap. Still, I think it set up some interesting stuff for the weeks to come. The two big things I noted: Eden is evil, and Niki’s alter ego did some Very Bad Things.

  • Sam

    I’m inclined to agree that last night was a little more slow paced than I would have liked but let’s clarify something: Heroes is much better than LOST. Heroes slow pacing is mildly annoying. LOST’s slow pacing is laughable now.

    I’m still not too sure about Niki though. Like Claire’s father, I think they want us to believe one thing about her and have her turn out to be something else. They want us to question whether she has powers and reveal that she (?-don’t know yet) What are the odds that Niki, D.L. AND Micah all have powers? One parent sure, but both? Although, she does seem to get a lot stronger when she’s ‘evil’ Niki.

    Definitely a show worth discussing unlike LOST this season (I can’t even type that without wanting to laugh at how bad it’s been so far)

  • Mario

    I enjoyed it – it was one of those shows that confirms alot of your theories. My son and I knew that the neighbor girl was not friendly for the sake of being friendly. The stuff with Hero and Ando was great and you could easily guess that the whole Claire biological parents thing was a set up. They are moving this show along at a nice pace. Between the show, the graphic novels and the community of Sci-Fi/comic book geeks that is forming because of this show I am really enjoying the whole Heroes experience.

  • Sam and everyone that thinks Heroes is better than Lost:

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Well at least I’m not the only one who thought so.

  • Sam

    Oh, Sean, you were watching LOST were you? In that case, you probably had a really nice laugh.