STUDIO 60 has not been Cancelled

Contrary to a FOX ‘News’ report, STUDIO 60 has not been cancelled. According to MediaDailyNews, an NBC representative said in an email that the show “is profitable at this point”, and has yet to be cancelled. Recently the network has ordered three more episodes of the show.

STUDIO 60 fans can take solace in the fact that NBC might stick with the show just because of the high income audience the show attracts. Through Oct. 8, it ranked fourth among all network shows in median income for the 18-to-49 demo at $66,000. Another is the show’s perceived status as high-brow “West Wing-style” entertainment, a brand image that NBC continues to pursue.

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  • Sam

    Funny how this is a ‘FOX’ news report commenting on an NBC show. A little slanted journalism on their part, perhaps?

  • Agreed, FOX ‘news’ is a little too quick to point out NBC’s failure.

  • digitalred93

    Let’s not forget that Fox News had Foley as a democrat instead of the republican he is. They aren’t fair and balanced. They’re manipulative and droll. Kudos to the TV Addict for posting this story and going against the sheep falling in line behind Fox.

  • Cory

    Friday Night Lights got it’s best ratings yet in Studio 60’s slot.

    Does this mean Studio 60 will change timeslots?

    Ohh and FOX “news” is anything but as has been stated. Just watch Outfoxed.