Live Blogging LOST (Episode 5, Season 3)

9:00PM: DANCING WITH THE STARS is ending… thank God… Previously on LOST… Mr. Eko Flashback. Interesting. Mr. Eko, he’s alive!!! (for now!) Another dream? Is Eko in the sauna? Didn’t Locke have a dream two weeks ago…. Actually, I think Eko’s dead… this probably isn’t a dream. I probably should spend more time watching and less time blogging, because I have not idea what happened in that opening sequence!

9:05PM: Commercial for the new BOND movie, how cool is Bond and how great does this movie look?

9:09PM: Does Benry have the tumor or is it someone elses? What’s the deal with the freaky white clothing. Who knew The Others had such a wardrobe at their disposal.

9:12PM: Guess the tumor is Benry Gales. What a not so shocking coincidence that Jack is a Spinal Surgeon.

9:16PM: Commercial Phew! Seriously I have no idea what’s going on with Eko in this episode. Someone please explain.

9:20PM: Locke invites our new Losties on an expedition. So random and funny… now we have these two new characters who are suddently included.

9:26PM: Halfway through the episode, damn those ABC promos fooled me again… they actually make every episode of LOST look amazing. If only the show was as good as the tease!

9:36PM: The Jack Benry confrontation was interesting. No doubt this is all still part of Benry’s plan. Wouldn’t it be nice if Jack (and the audience) got some answers to what the Frak is going on – in exchange for Jack doing surgery on Benry. Certainly would be nice for the audience.

9:43PM: Okay, Mr. Eko kicking some serious butt. That was awesome. New Losties are so funny. I love how the hot chick is now just stating the obvious. If only we met her three seasons ago – no doubt the Losties would be off the island!

9:47PM: That was cool. But not surprising. Who does Jack trust.. Benry or Juliette. Frankly I’ve watched enough Melrose Place to know not to trust good looking blonde woman. I sort of think that Juliette is actually the evil mastermind and Benry Gale is the good guy. But really, what do I know?!?

9:51PM: Will anyone be watching Taye Diggs DAY BREAK? I feel like ABC’s been promoing it for months now!

9:54PM: Now we see why Eko starting building a Church…. and guess what…. I don’t care. Does anyone else think the flashbacks this season have been the complete downfall of the show? I’ll say one thing for LOSt, the scenery is incredible. Especially on an HD TV

9:58PM: Some serious Monster Action. Wouldn’t it be nice to actually learn what the Monster is? Maybe season 7 perhaps. LOST is by far the most frustrating show ever. I have to say, I’m completely indifferent to Eko dying. Again, the preview for next week makes the show look awesome. Of course, much like tonight’s episode – only two minutes were really good. Someone should just edit the best moments of every episode and put it on youtube. We can catch the whole season of great moments in about 24 minutes. Thanks for joining the Live Blog Sam, Tim and Vance. Catch you next week for the big Fall Season Finale (It Better Be Good!)

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  • Sam

    Freaky. Maybe we’ll get to see the monster again tonight.

    This is going to sound unbelievable but I’ve never seen a single Bond movie in my life and actually want to see this one.

  • Never seen a Bond movie. Seriously?

  • I find it amazing how the location scouts on this show can make Hawaii look like just about any other region on the face of the earth.

  • Apparently they turn Hawaii into London at some point.

  • They already have. For Charlie’s flashbacks.

  • Tim, totally agree…. the set designers and location scouts are amazing…. Same with Alias, and now HEROES… the way HEROES makes LA look like Vegas, Japan, Texas, New York etc… Incredible

  • Sam

    17 minutes of nothing so far…

  • Commercial Discussion! Happy Feet looks funny

  • Sam, Agreed. 17 minutes in…. Booorrriiinnnngggg.
    On the plus side, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Looks great this week.

  • “You always complain about not being included.” LOL!

  • great line!

  • Sam

    Jack is right in that situation though. Taking the same people who know what’s going on would be more effective than random people everytime.

  • Sam

    I thought I saw the monster in the shadows earlier.

  • Sam

    Yes tvaddict answers to SOMETHING would be nice. I’d settle for a huge development.

  • OMG. That was fantastic.

  • Sam

    I’d be confused out of my mind if I were Jack. Juliette (if evil) would probably blame Jack for Ben’s death, have him killed and assume the new leadership role.

  • Sam

    Boy those producers don’t play around do they. I guess everyone on the show needs to be a model citizen from now on or face death.

    And yes, HD is grand tv addict. I’m excited for next week but like you said, the previews have thus far been more exciting than the actual episodes.

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  • I’m loving this new Juliet angle, and the one-eyed man on camera freaked me OUT…

  • Hi Tv Addict,

    Just wanted you to know that I linked to you when I was writing a post about “Live Blogging” today.