Random TV Tidbits for Wednesday

It’s never to early to jump on the ‘Save Our Show’ bandwagon. First out of the gate this season is SAVE STUDIO 60. A show definitely worth fighting for. Be sure to hop on over to their site and support one of television’s smartest shows.

Tonight on LOST [spoiler alert], showrunners Lindeloff and Cuse promise that someone we actually care about will die. Apparently, it’s an opening credit character… not a random Islander (or Lostie). This TV Addict has no idea who…. but to find out who’s on the way out, I guess I should be paying attention to the Hawaii police blotter. Who’s the latest LOST actor to get a DUI? If you have a guess as to who’s a goner, please post your theories below.

Finally, remember to check out theTVaddict.com at 9PM tonight for the LIVE LOST BLOG. Thanks to everyone who’s taken part in previous weeks. It’s definitely made LOST more exciting than usual.

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  • Klo

    It’s totally going to be Eko. I seem to remember reading about the actor getting a DUI not long ago. Also, Eko is already in rough condition after his run in with the CGI polar bear.

  • Sam

    LOL tvaddict. Wasn’t the guy who plays Eko (I know his name but I’ll be damned if I try to spell it out) in some kind of trouble recently? Tonight’s eppy IS supposed to be Eko centric just like Ana Lucia’s was when she died. Hmmm…

  • It better not be Eko. Michael Ausiello revealed it IS a male. All the ladies are safe. It’s not an Other.

    Kristin has also said it isn’t Hurley, Jack, Sawyer or Locke.

    My guess? It’s Charlie.

  • jls730

    Dr. TV addict,

    Could you PLEASE put spoiler warnings on your spoiler posts? Or at the very least a cut? Not everyone wants to know someone is going to die tonight. I really, REALLY did not want to know. A huge spoiler like that completely wrecks the episode. I spend the whole hour just waiting to see who will die, and in the end am always thoroughly disappointed in the results.

    If this is not possible, please let me know and I just won’t read this board anymore.

    Thanks muchly,

  • Sorry for the spoiler jls730 – since I never mentioned who died, I didn’t think it was a spoiler, but I’ll put an alert in the post as to not ruin anything for anyone! If it helps, a frequent poster, ‘Common Sense’ spoiled this weeks PRISON BREAK for me…. no worries CS – you still rock!

  • jls730

    Thanks a bunch! I’m completely spoilerphobic and don’t even watch the previews!