Ready for yet another reason to watch ABC’s BROTHERS & SISTERS, how’s this? According to TVGuide, former WEST WING Democrat Rob Lowe is joining the cast of BROTHERS & SISTERS as, get this, a REPUBLICAN (gasp!) senator who falls for Calista Flockhart’s Kitty when he guests on her show “Red, White & Blue.” Let’s hope Lowe isn’t the last WEST WINGER to show up on Kitty’s show. With Bartlett leaving the White House, fan favourites C.J. and Toby no doubt have a lot of free time on their hands.

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  • Rob Lowe returning to network TV? That’s the best news I’ve heard since Rob Lowe LEFT network TV! I wish him well and hope he’s with the show for many, many years.

  • Terry

    Thrilled to see Rob Lowe returning to television – even though as a Republican.
    I haven’t watched Brothers & Sisters although I love Sally Field. I will now start watching.
    Thanks. ^..^

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  • Diane

    I’m thrilled to hear that Rob is returning to TV – even though I am in the UK so will be relying upon US friends to get the DVR going for me!

    I understand that this show has been getting very good reviews and has some quality actors in it too.

    Good luck, Rob, with this exciting new opportunity.

  • I love Rob Lowe! I think he makes the perfect addition to that cast!!

  • Didn’t he support Arnold Swartzenagger republican campaign?