Veronica Mars: Trick and Treat

Maybe it was because it was Halloween, but I found last night’s VERONICA MARS to be both a trick and a treat. First off, the treat. I absolutely loved Veronica’s mystery, and the return again of everybody’s favourite reformed (?) ex-biker gang leader. Weevil has always been a fascinating character, and I really enjoyed how it seems he’s attempting to reform his ways. His ‘job’ as Veronica’s show-and-tell was so funny, and I can’t wait until he hooks up with the hot girl who obviously digs the ‘bad boy’.

Another treat: the return of Sheriff Lamb. Does Lamb ever arrest the right man? Do I care? Just give me more of Lamb doing the robot dance. He is a fantastic foil to Veronica’s genius and it’s always a pleasure watching Michael Muhney do his thing.

Now for the Trick. I personally thought that last night’s episode worked perfectly well as a stand-alone episode. The Hearst rapist mystery really isn’t doing anything for me. Let’s hope that MARS mastermind Rob Thomas has something more intriguing up his sleeve for mystery two and three (No doubt he does!) It’s rumoured that Mac and Wallace are more personally connected with mystery two or three — which I think is exactly what viewers need. Viewers need to feel an emotional connection to Veronica and her plight to discover the truth. Does anyone even care about Parker? And where has Piz run of to for that matter? Why bother with an over-arching mystery if we’re just going to have it tacked on to the start and finish of each episode.

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  • starbase135

    Personally, I think last night’s episode felt like good old Veronica Mars for the first time this season.

  • starbase135 i agree
    people said that the one last week was a lot like season 1 but i just didnt see it

    this episode was perfect
    i hope they keep up the good work

  • Geri

    Awesome episode…I really cared for every single story line this time, haven´t felt that since season 2.

    Anxious to see the consequences of Wallace´s stupid action plus I really loved LoVe´s not so complicated display of relationship this episode. Also: both dressing up as members of the White Stripes? How great was that?

    Get rid of the boring rape story and we are good to go!

    One thing I didn´t like: Being part of the main cast gives Tina Majorino a smaller role than ever???