Way Too Much TV Tonight!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again — God Bless my PVR. Not only are there way too many shows on tonight, I’m not even going to be home to watch them! So here it goes, the TV Addict’s Thursday night rundown (in no particular order).

GREY’S ANATOMY (9PM ABC) returns with a new episode. I wonder if we’ll be able to pinpoint the exact moment where Isiah Washington lost his cool (and flushed his career down the toilet).

THE OC (9PM FOX) returns for a fourth season and I’ve got a confession to make. I was so disappointed (and bored) with last year’s season that I have yet to watch last May’s finale. By the way, How’s that Marissa doing? I always liked Coop! That said, I’m so excited for tonight’s episode — as EVERWOOD’S CHRIS PRATT makes his first appearance as Summer’s new beau, and Seth’s new nemisis. Chris aside, no doubt Ryan will be brooding (the wifebeater returns!), Julie will be scheming and Taylor will be, well Taylor. How thrilled am I that Taylor is now a regular — she was the only reason that I stuck around with THE OC last season.

THE OFFICE (8:30PM NBC) starts off November sweeps with an Indian Wedding. Hilarity will no doubt ensue, and Michael Scott will no doubt steal the show. Watching Michael, is at times the equivelant of a car accident. You know you should turn away, but you just have to see the wreckage.

UGLY BETTY (8PM ABC) continues her quest to become America’s newest sweetheart by giving us Salma Hayek as a guest star. No doubt Daniel Meade will be smitten with Salma’s very large set of, umm eyes.

SMALLVILLE (8PM CW) heads into sweeps with a super guest star. The artist formerly known as Lil’ Bow Wow — it’s now simply Bow Wow in case you’re wondering — guest stars as Baern, a killer who escapes from the Phantom Zone. This TV Addict says less ‘Zoners’ and more Green Arrow. Of course I highly doubt SMALLVILLE’S writers are reading this. (By the way, if you’re reading this and happen to be a writer of SMALLVILLE, post a comment below).

Finally, cynics may say that I’m just sucking up to Warner Bros, but I genuinely found myself enjoying HAPPY HOUR as I watched all three episodes in preperation for my recent interview with HAPPY HOUR star Beth Lacke (see post below for the interview). If you’re looking to simply laugh, check it out on FOX. (8:30PM FOX).

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  • I don’t really like Happy Hour, but it will on a tape between ‘Til Death on Fox Seattle and October 1970 on CBC Vancouver, so I’ll give it a try again. Maybe the three weeks off improved it.

  • Mr. Brightside

    Dude, there was no Indian Wedding! You must be too tired, don’t worry about it. So what’s the deal with CTV airing the second episode on “broadband” already? Does it work for you Mac?

  • Smallville REALLY sucks now… I think the writers from 7th Heaven went over to work on the show.