FOX Shuffles its Line Up: OC moves to Wednesday

According to Variety, FOX will try out new episodes of THE OC on Wednesday at 9PM, in addition to the regularly scheduled Thursday segment. If THE OC does well on Wednesday, FOX may move the show there permanently. Not surprisingly, the fourth season premiere of THE OC fared poorly Thursday opposite brutal competition from rival network juggernauts GREY’S ANATOMY and CSI. This TV Addict will confess to the fact that he didn’t watch THE OC until Friday, as the troubled doctors of Seattle Grace take priority over the troubled freshman of Newport Beach.

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  • Colin

    Maybe also because most people were able to watch it off the Internet beforehand. But that’s just my thinking

  • Thank God. Fox needs to give The OC a fighting chance, and it won’t have one if they leave it on Thursdays.

  • Sam

    Wednesday when? I don’t think moving it up against LOST and Criminal Minds would be much better.

  • On Thursdays, where Grey’s and CSI are pulling in 20+ million viewers, there’s less room for a competitor. Lost and Criminal Minds are constantly duking it out around 16+ million viewers, so I’m sure that there’s a little more room to breathe for the OC.

  • Also keep in mind, THE OC is going after a much younger demographic. LOST AND CRIMINAL MINDS (especially) skew much older. I think this will be a positive move for THE OC.

  • starbase135

    But due to the late season premiere and Marissa’s death I could actually see One Tree Hill moving ahead of The O.C.