After a long evening of work, I couldn’t have been happier to plop myself in-front of my TV and watch my favourites in high definition. I only mention that my TV is HD because for some reason, last nights episode of THE OFFICE wasn’t recorded in high definition. And let me tell you, after almost two months of watching TV in glorious (and I mean GLORIOUS!) widescreen HD, I can never go back to standard television. It’s almost the equivalent of going from colour to black and white. That said, I owe it to the readers of to chronicle my observations, so I ‘suffered’ through THE OFFICE in old school standard definition.

Who knew the TV Addict was as ignorant as the THE OFFICE denizens? Truth be told, I had never heard of Diwali until last night — and thanks to previews, I actually thought we were going to see an Indian Wedding. Who says television doesn’t teach us anything.

Michael started off the episode by educating the office (and the audience) with a slideshow presentation highlighting great people of Indian descent. Anytime Michael gives us multi-media — or a ‘Michael Scott Joint’ — it’s a golden opportunity for comedy. Apu from The Simpsons and M. Knight Shyamalan, really? Clearly Michael didn’t have to sit through LADY IN THE WATER.

The Diwali Festival gave us yet another opportunity to cringe as Michael managed to make himself the centre of attention. I think the reason last night’s episode was so enjoyable is that nothing was expected. I honestly didn’t in a million years ever expect Michael to propose to, as Pam surprisingly coined her, Carol the “slutty cheerleader”. Even more surprising, but very much in Michael’s character was his attempted kiss with Pam. And yet again, Pam shows off what an awesome girl she is by still driving Michael home. How much did I want to hear Michael’s “TaxiCab Confession!” (DVD extra anyone?)

Finally over at the ‘other’ office, we got to watch Jim and Andy drink themselves under the table. Yet again THE OFFICE surprises me by not taking the ‘standard sitcom route’ by having Jim hook-up with Karen or profess his affection towards her. It’s amazing how a show that really does take things slow manages to remain so interesting for so long. In this entire season, we’ve had only one awkward phone conversation between Jim and Pam — yet the show has still been fantastic. LOST writers should definitely be watching the show and taking notes with special attention to story and pacing.

Following THE OFFICE I choose to watch GREY’S ANATOMY. While last night’s episode was good, I’m far more excited for next week’s episode. No doubt the ramifications from Bailey spying Cristina removing her name off the scheduling board and Alex overhearing that McSteamy pleased Callie “3 Times” will be far more interesting.

I ended the night with my new favourite show of the fall UGLY BETTY. With lines like “[The Office] is like a gay version of Star Trek” and “Did you really think that imitating that very special episode of Punky Brewster was going to get your mother’s attention?” I constantly finding that I pause the show to right down the fantastic quotes for’s TV Quotes of the week.

Brilliant writing aside UGLY BETTY was once again filled with entertainment and surprises. First and foremost, Betty’s dad once killed a man in Mexico (and no, not just to watch him die). I did not see that coming.

On the guest star front, how much did I love seeing Debi Mazar (ENTOURAGE) play a super-lawyer and new friend to Hilda. I hope she’ll be able to keep Betty’s dad in America (I have a feeling she’ll succeed). Salma Hayek was also a welcome addition, putting man-whore Daniel Meade in his place. Fans take note, Salma’s tough-as-nails executive will be returning to the show so we’ll get to see a lot more of her beautiful, umm, eyes (that joke never gets old).

Once again, the only plot I have zero interest in is the Bradford and Fey ‘mystery’. The only mystery is why the writers insist on dragging down television’s most entertaining forty-four minutes with a cheesy murder mystery that belongs on daytime television or a telenovela!

Folks that’s it for now. the TV Addict gave all he could, but couldn’t manage to stay up and watch THE OC and SMALLVILLE. Rest assured I’ll catch up with our friends from Newport on the weekend and report back with all my thoughts and ‘witty’ commentary.

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  • The only disappointing thing about Ugly Betty? Where was my favourite character, little Justin? I just miss him when he’s not on screen ha!

  • Seriously, can you get off the “the writers from Lost should take notes” horse?

  • Sam

    There’s a show called Ugly Betty? How’d this slip past my senses? tvaddict never mentions it…

    Meanwhile last nights episode of Grey’s Anatomy had me in heaven. I always feel refreshed after watching an episode (that wasn’t this seasons premiere) and yes, next week should be fantastic.
    George camping?

    What can I say about the Office other than holy frak it was awesome (am I using frak out of context now? I just figured since Veronica gets to use it…)

  • Common Sense

    Hectic work sked & falling asleep early—it’s been a rough week. Still managed to see most of The Office—hilarious—and came to the conclusion that Dean’s girl-interest (Alana Tal) on Supernatural is not hot at ALL.

    Regarding Ugh Betty, if those two quotes above are any indication, well…they’re just not funny. Or comprehensible. I crinkled my forehead and went “huh?” Maybe I need more z-z-z-z’s