TV Quotes of the Week!

It’s that time of the week again, your favourite TV Quotes of the Week! Thanks to UGLY BETTY’S brilliant writers, I have some great ones — but ABC isn’t paying me enough (or anything for that matter) to shamlessly promote UGLY BETTY so I need some of your quotes. Post away with your favourites of the week.

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  • Jenny

    This cracked me up. from The Bachelor:

    Erika (Socialite that was kicked off 3 weeks ago) – You can take a girl away from her broom and mop but you can’t take the maid out of the girl.

  • Sam

    How about

    From Grey’s Anatomy:

    George (while pretending to sound like Izzie): McDreamy was doing the McNasty with McHottie? That McBastard!

    I also liked Christina telling Meredith that not everything was always about her. Finally!

  • How about Neil Patrick Harris coming out, eh?

  • Colin

    In People no less. Oh yeah, just scooped the heck out of you.

    “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! – Jim on the Office

  • Ash

    “Like a tampon, once I got a taste of blood I wanted more.”
    -Captain Hero, Drawn Together

    “So I told my gynecologist, you put so much inside me I ought to start charging you.”
    -Miss Garrison, South Park

  • babygirrr

    Hope I am not too late.. this one rocks! (From Supernatural)

    Sam: What’s in Los Angeles?
    Dean: Young girl’s been kidnapped by an evil cult.
    Sam: Girl got a name?
    Dean: Katie Holmes

  • Jonas

    “These are not my shoes.” – Michael, The Office