TV’s One Hit Wonders

The AV Club recently posted a list of the 15 BEST TELEVISION SHOWS TO ONLY LAST ONE SEASON. There list is as follows:

1. Cop Rock (Fox, 1990)
2. Harsh Realm (Fox, 1999)
3. The Dana Carvey Show (ABC, 1996)
4. Now And Again (CBS, 1999)
5. Cupid (ABC, 1998)?6. Nothing Sacred (ABC, 1997)
7. Profit (Fox, 1996)
8. Freaks & Geeks (NBC, 1999)
9. Undeclared (Fox, 2001)
10. Stella (Comedy Central, 2005)
11. Firefly (Fox, 2002)
12. Police Squad! (ABC, 1982)
13. Action (Fox, 1999)
14. TV Funhouse (Comedy Central, 2000)
15. That’s My Bush! (Comedy Central, 2001)

While it’s a great list, this TV Addict feels that the AV Club missed a few worthy shows. So here it goes, THE TV ADDICT’S BEST SHOWS TO ONLY LAST ONE SEASON (that the AV Club Missed):

1. Grosse Pointe (WB, 2000) Darren Starr’s brilliant send-up of BEVERLY HILLS 90210 was the only funny comedy the WB has ever produced.

2. The Comeback (HBO, 2005) Lisa Kudrow followed FRIENDS with one of the most layered performances of her career. Kudrow’s portrayal of has-been sitcom star Valerie Cherish was an Emmy worthy performance and proved to viewers that there is life after Pheobe.

3. Miss Match (NBC, 2003) The adorable Alicial Silverstone and a phenomenal roster of actors, including Dina Meyer, Nathan Fillion, Charisma Carpenter, Ryan O’Neal, Daniel Dae Kim, Lake Bell (and so many more) made MISS MATCH one of NBC’s surprise flops of 2003.

Disagree with me and/or the AV Club? Post away with your favourite One Season Wonders!

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  • It is a crime that FIREFLY isn’t at the top of the list.

  • Firefly is definitely near the top of the list, but my all-time favorite show also only made it one season: American Gothic.

    I’d also toss in another Cassidy show into the mix: Invasion.

  • Sam

    At least they were smart enough to include it on the list at all, Dave.

    I agree with all your picks by the way tvaddict. I plan on getting the Grosse Pointe DVD when it releases on Amazon next week.

  • Bridget

    Firefly should be Number 1!!! Another great one is Wonderfalls! Poor shows were never givcen a chance

  • As I’ve been thinking about it throughout the day, I justs wanted to add JACK & BOBBY (WB)

  • Well, If I could add a show, I would choose Earth 2 (NBC, 1994). Does anybody remember it?

  • griffey

    Good one on American Gothic. My fave too. Also who can forget Nowhere Man?

  • Although really shortlived (only two episodes ever aired), Fox’s “Skin” (2003?) was amazing.

  • And oh yes, the late “My So-Called Life” (ABC, 1994-5), the prelude to The O.C., except much better.

  • tcgc

    I would put “my so-called life” at the top of my list. claire danes finest work to date….lol.

  • T. Paul

    I’m shocked that they would forget Jack and Bobby (and also Wonderfalls). While an interesting list with a lot of shows I’d either forgotten about or never even heard of, they definitely left off some extremely worthy contenders.

  • Sam

    Who thinks tvaddict should comprise his own (better) list?

  • jack & bobby deserves to be there.
    it was slow but just so well written.

  • maddie

    My So Called Life was the first show that came to mind and I couldn’t believe it wasn’t on either of their lists. I also agree with Jack and Bobby as that was a great show.

  • Another show I loved that only lasted one season… THE FLASH (CBS)

  • Sam

    Amyone remember Maybe It’s Me?

  • marmalade

    Such a great list! Ah, the memories. I, too, agree that Wonderfalls, My So-Called Life, and The Flash should be added. Fantastic shows!

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  • Another show I completely forgot: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (FOX)

  • Oh and one more…. SAVED BY THE BELL: THE COLLEGE YEARS (seriously, Love Saved By The Bell and all its spin-offs)!

  • Common Sense

    Anyone remember another Shaun Cassidy one-season series, ROAR? Starred Heath Ledger back in ’97…very critically acclaimed.

    And yes, Sam, I remember Maybe It’s Me (original title “Maybe I’m Adopted”…but changed because it wasn’t “politically correct”—sheesh—-and adopted people were taking offense!). It was a great series, and the boy who played “Grant” (the Christian singer) went on to form a real-life Christian music group. And he’s nothing like Ted Haggard, ha ha.

  • Todd

    If we’re talking best one hit wonders, I’d have to include:

    Alien Nation
    John Doe

    …and move Firefly higher to the top of the current list.

    As far as shows that weren’t super *yet* but had the potential to get better if they had been given their chances, I’d say some honorable mentions should go to:

    Kindred: The Embraced

  • While I agree that Firefly should be higher on the list. The number one One Hit Wonder, without question or debate is: THE TICK (fox)

  • I share with you the desviation for Saved by the Bell: the college years. But I didn’t like the next generation.
    Grosse Point is a good one, and I really loved “Young Americans”. Thinking about older shows I remember how much I loved “Class of ’96”.
    And Firefly is not a one hit wonder, it’s cancellation is a the biggest mistake ever.
    Regards from Barcelona!

  • They mostly got it right. Now and Again, Undeclared, Action and Cupid FOR SURE. i would have added Jack & Bobby and Grosse Pointe as well. Miss Match was also far better than people gave it credit for.

  • Remus

    Another vote here for “John Doe”. Also have fond memories of “Strange Luck” with DB Sweeney.

  • Todd

    Oh yeah, I remember Strange Luck too, just barely though (I don’t think it lasted too long). Fox really cancels shows fast, don’t they?

  • Alisa

    Clever, heartfelt shows: I agree too with “Now and Again.” I also absolutely loved “The Street” and “Kitchen Confidential.” (Fox! totally set up this show for failure with stupid scheduling!) Anyone who loves television should check out these if they can find them! “Kitchen Confidential”‘s entire first season ended up airing in England? or Australia?

  • What about a great Nowhere Man, Invasion, Surface, all almost with no flows shows…from this season i really will miss SMITH, in my opinion show with a great potential (i hope Simon Baker will soon recover in some other projects, i personally rates him as a potential A movie star)

  • Esther

    I’d like to add RELATED, with Jennifer Esposito, Callum Blue, Lizzy Caplan… I think it was a short but very smart, touching, funny show.