After last night’s episode, I think I’m ready to proclaim BROTHERS & SISTERS my new favourite show of 2006. Wait, or is it STUDIO 60 or HEROES? Okay, let’s just say that BROTHERS is in my top three. That said, I thought I’d offer up a few rules for my dear readers, in case you ever stumble upon the Walker Clan.

Rule #1: The food may be fantastic, but never, I repeat NEVER, accept an invitation to the Walkers for dinner. You’ll invariably end up in the middle of an incredibly akward family fight that will have members of the family asking to be excused early. For the record, I can’t believe Tommy asked his brother Kevin for a ‘donation’. What seems like a good idea now will no doubt lead to an incredibly sticy situation in the future.

Rule #2: There are no secrets in the Walker family. Spill something to one family member, the entire family will inevitably find out (over dinner!). How Saul thinks ‘Rebecca’ would remain a secret is ludicrous. Casting recommendation for BROTHERS & SISTERS executive producer Greg Berlanti. Please cast (EVERWOOD ALUM) Emily Van Camp as Holly’s not-so-secret daughter.

Rule #3: Choose your rendezvous spots carefully. Be it the family ranch, the attic, or the old tree house. With upwards of 10 family members walking around, odds are you’ll get caught, that, or fall out of the decades old tree house!

Rule #4: This will seem obvious, but judging from last night’s episode, it’s worth repeating. If any of you readers are having an affair — do not take photos of your secret love-child and leave them around for your family to uncover. Photographic evidence of your affair will only lead to heartbreak, or one messy divorce.

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  • starbase135

    B&S has also become one of my favorite shows. Despite having a slow start I bet the show will grow into a hit sooner or later (especially considering that Greg Berlanti is running the show it increased its audience for the 2nd consecutive week).

    BTW tvaddict, you don’t seem so much excited for Grey’s any more. Does anyone else get under the inpression that its 3rd season is not on par with the 2nd one?

  • I’m still enjoying GREY’S… although last week’s episode was probably the worst of the season. It will be interesting to see what exciting plots the GREY’S writers have in store for us this November Sweeps.

  • Too true. This show has rules already.

    Who didn’t see the “Rebecca” thing coming as soon as they showed the picture of the little girl in a bonnet?

  • I really wished that Tucker Booth would show up! I thought that was a great running gag throughout the whole episode!

    This show is so charming – it’s absolutely must see for me!

  • Tim G. Agreed…. Rebecca was no surprise.

    Amrie… Tucker Booth was a great little device. Loved the gag.

  • Tucker Booth must have been a very horny bi stoner.

  • Liz

    EVC for Rebecca all the way!!

  • steve

    Hasd anyone else noticed that rob lowes character and the name of his ex wife are the names of the same characters from the show jack and bobby? Must be the same writters