Desperate Housewives: Best Episode Ever

Leave it to Laurie Metcalf (ROSEANNE) to deliver what may have been the most exciting episode of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES ever. Yes, we all knew it was coming, as the press has been talking about it all week — but seriously “WOW”. I never expected DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES to leave me on the edge of my seat. That level of excitement is generally reserved for the likes of ALIAS and 24.

Serious kudos (and possible Emmy Nods) must go out to guest stars Laurie Metcalf (Carolyn Bigsby) and Kiersten Warren (Nora). Their final scene together had me holding my breath. While I definitely knew Nora was a goner the minute Lynette outed her as a ‘whore’, I had no idea as to how quickly Nora would go. It was truly shocking. I never thought I’d feel so much sympathy for Nora — of course she was brutally shot in the chest, so had I not felt anything, I probably would have some issues!

The aftermath of the shootout will no doubt be as fascinating to watch as the hostage crisis itself. I can’t wait to see how Lynette deals with an unexpected daughter and the guilt of somewhat being responsible for Nora’s death.

A few other comments about the episode:

– I can’t stand Susan’s daughter. While I knew it wasn’t going to happen, it would have been fantastic for a bullet to have found its way towards Julie.

– I loved how the new neighbor on Wisteria Lane found himself in the middle of the crisis. I think it would be a great gag for Mary-Alice’s house to remain somewhat cursed, with new neighbors constantly moving in for an episode. Sort of like MURPHY BROWN’S secretary.

– I love Gaby and Carlos. They are the Tom & Jerry of couples. Their fight was entertaining, as well as heartfelt. No doubt they’ll end up with each other as they’re a match made in heaven.

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  • Todd Williard

    A few responses, split up by suptopic:

    Excitement: I’ve been very critical of Desperate Housewives ever since last season, but I have to admit, this was an exciting episode with some unexpected turns. It’s a bit of a coincidence that about four or five Wisteria Laners were all held hostage at the same time, when a crazed gunwoman just happens to be shooting the place up. So, the plotting was overly convenient but exciting nonetheless.

    Carolyn Shooting Nora: That was the main unexpected turn I’m talking about. Carolyn was obviously crazed, but who knew she was *that* crazy. In fact, it was so cold-blooded that she was probably quite a bit unstable even before learning of her husband’s infidelity. I’ve read on the internet that most people hated the Nora character, so I wonder if her death is a gift to those fans or if it was planned all along.

    Emmy-Worthy Performance???: In a way, I think the Emmy should go to Felicity Huffman for her performance in the hostage scenes as well as her door-kicking confrontation with Nora in the previous episode. However, I think the melodramatic dream sequence that ended this episode felt a little forced and fake, diminishing the impact of the previous scenes.

    Guilt: I think Bree will suffer some guilt too. Revealing to Carolyn her husband’s affair was the thing that set Carolyn off in the first place. If Bree hadn’t said anything, no one would have been shot, scared to death, or in need of counseling.

    Julie: I actually like Julie. I think there’s a shortage of brainy, mature, responsible, well-behaved teenagers on television. However, I don’t like the subplot of her hooking up with Edie’s nephew. I liked it a lot better when Julie was resisting his advances, the whole time worried that her resistance would wear down in a future episode. I’m disappointed to see that I’m right.

    The Young House Curse: I never watched Murphy Brown, so I don’t get the secretary reference. However, I’m guessing it’s similar to how the fictional town of Rome, Wisconsin kept loses mayors in Picket Fences or how Emily Gilmore has a different maid in every episode of Gilmore Girls.

    Gaby & Carlos: I have to disagree here. Their subplot is the most frustrating aspect of the show to me. Their constant pattern seems to be fight, cheat on each other, split up, get back together, fight again, cheat again, etc. At this point, it’s beating a dead horse. I wish one or both of them had died in the hostage situation. Daniel Manu of the TV Guide Podcast says he “Sookie’s” past parts of certain shows. I think this means he fast-forwards or generally ignores certain characters or subplots that he finds boring or unlikable and probably originates from his dislike of the Sookie character on Gilmore Girls. Anyway, I found myself “Sookie’ing” past the Gabrielle and Carlos scenes of last night’s episode and found I enjoyed the show much more that way. I think I may Sookie past the Solis’s more often.

  • That new neighbor is named Mark Roth, he’s Laurie Metcalf’s husband.

  • Todd, fantastic post: My thoughts on your thoughts:

    Coincidence: Of course, it’s TV. Remember when all of Melrose Place ended up back in the complmex just in time for crazy brilliant Marcia Cross could blow up the building!

    Nora: I think it was planned all along. A great way for Nora to leave the show. She redeemed herself with her last lines about her daughter being the only good thing she’s ever done.

    Guilt: Bree will definitely feel guilt, of course having married Orson, will have some bigger problems in the rest of the season.

    Julie: I know this will sound shallow, but she is just ugly. I don’t like the look of Julie, and I find her whiny and too much of a generic TV daughter who thinks she’s smarter than her mom. They tried to create a Gilmore Girls feel between Susan and Julie and it really just doesn’t work

    Murphy Brown: One of the jokes of the show was that Murphy always had a new secretary. Guest stars would often show up, and they’d always be gone next episode

    Gaby & Carlos: Their antics simply make me laugh. A nice juxtaposition for the the more dramatic parts of the show.

  • Sam

    I definitely agree that this was in fact the best episode of DH ever. I was more excited for this weeks episode than this weeks Heroes and LOST.

    If I didn’t think Felicity Huffman deserved an Emmy for anything before, she definitely does now. At the very least lets show her some Golden Globe love for her awesomeness (yes, I’m awar that’s not a word)

    I think everyone saw Nora and Carolyn as being the two characters dying but the way they both went has been two of the most shocking moments ever for me on tv. I stopped breathing when Nora was shot so suddenly.

    I agree on the not liking Julie front. I never have liked her or her mother. Think about it, what interesting purpose do either of them serve this season? Why weren’t one or both of them killed?

    I have always enjoyed Gaby but not so much Carlos. Them fighting was cute last night but I agree that aside from their whole ‘let’s have a kid’ deal last season, their storylines revolve around the same shallow things.

    Other than the (as pointed out) sheer coincidence of everyone being there at that time (Although I love the set up that led to them all getting there) I have nothing but great things to say about last nights episode. DH is back! (hopefully)

  • christine

    i really enjoyed this episode & i love ur freaking podcast….& don’t worry ari, i still love ya….u guys are just a perfect match & i’m a high school student & u don’t sound like ur in high school C:

  • christine

    oh & i like desperate housewives too….i will actually get off o fmyspace for it….C:
    please put this on ur next podcast C:
    u’ll make another subscriber happy….

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  • Oh my actual god.
    this was the best episode of desperate housewives
    i have ever seen.
    when carolyn shot nora
    that i was not expecting !
    i actually gasped
    lynette really landed herself in it
    i really felt something then.
    then when lynette stood up for herself
    i could never do that
    the writers of desperate housewives
    should be bloody proud
    the best thing i have ever wacthed on a television
    give me more.