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“Always a bridesmaid…”

Did you ever find yourself watching a show and thinking “Okay, enough with the main character, give me more of that secondary story!!!”?

I never noticed it more than I did last season as I often begged for Summer Roberts scenes, as opposed to Marissa Cooper scenes on The O.C. Already, season 4 of The O.C. is, as I’ve said, levels above where Season 3 was, and I truly believe it’s because they’re giving Rachel Bilson the chance to take center stage since they axed Mischa Barton.

It gets me thinking – what other “second-bananas” would I love to see take the reins and run with the show?

1. Grey’s Anatomy – more often than not, I’m completely annoyed by Meredith Grey. She whines. She cries. She thinks the world revolves around her, and considering the title of the show, it probably does a little bit. But I would much rather see the hospital through Cristina Yang’s eyes. Or maybe George O’Malley takes center stage and the show is about him? Nothing about Izzie Stevens bothers me, not even her falling out of love with Alex to fall in love with Denny. Spend more time devoted to her! And most especially, I would love to spend an entire episode exploring the friendship of Addison and Dr. Bailey!

2. Gilmore Girls – I’m over the Girls….I’m not really jumping on the “new writers are doing a good job” bandwagon. Yes, I’m enjoying the show, but it feels like a different show than it’s always been, and I’m not sure I’m okay with that. Short story shorter – I would much rather us spend a weekly episode completely devoted to Paris Gellar or Emily Gilmore. Or Paris Gellar AND Emily Gilmore in a bunch of scenes together. Just a thought.

3. One Tree Hill – I know that the show is about the brothers Scott, but I would definitely be okay if Chad Michael Murray disappeared off the face of the planet and Bethany Joy Galeotta and Sophia Bush can take over! Sure, there wouldn’t be many stories that could be told, with CMM gone, because everything revolves around CMM, but seriously…my life would be happier!

4. Desperate Housewives – it’s been said since day one that the show was “Teri Hatcher’s comeback” and that this show was tailor made for her. That said, she is one of the most annoying people on the planet. Susan Meyer is my least favorite character on primetime television (and that’s saying a lot in a world where the Camden Family still exists). If Wisteria Lane lost Ms. Meyer to a dangerous whatever-that-comes-along, I wouldn’t be upset, because lord knows Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross would rule that place!

5. Men In Trees – I’m certainly not Anne Heche’s number 1 fan. If Marin Frist left Elmo, I would be fine with that! I love Patrick Bachelor, and I love love love love love James Tupper (Jack). The whole town of crazies is just the greatest batch of local townspeople since Everwood, CO graced our screens!
What about you – what shows would you rather watch without the “main” characters?

In Other News

I have to say, Battlestar Galactica pulled out another one! This show is so depressing and dark, but I love it. I don’t ever miss an episode. I watch them 2 to 3 times after they air, and find something new to love each time. The characters, the stories, they draw me in!

It’s a shame that Veronica Mars took a beating in the ratings last week, because I really think it was a fabulous episode. Right back on track – back to the great VM that we all know and love! I love Logan and Veronica together, but I also love them apart, because I really want them back to the snarky bickering not-couple of the days of old!

Brothers and Sisters is quickly becoming my favorite new show. There really isn’t a person in the cast that I don’t like, or believe in their roles, and I’m loving the route that they’ve decided to take. Every time I see Treat Williams on the screen, I can’t help but say “Oh Andy Brown”

Okay that’s it for this short week! What are you watching this week? What are you most looking forward to?


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  • also on gilmore girls
    lane got pregnant.
    nothing happened.

    and veronica mars.
    the first main mystery isn’t even included that much.


  • Jesse

    About Veronica Mars: I have always wanted to like VMars for the last two years, on paper its totally the type of show i should like but ive never been grabbed by it or been able to commit to it and ive always been confused why so many people LOVE it but i don’t and now this season i gave it its yearly chance and now i finnally do love it people seem to be down on it, what gives, i kind of like the truncated mysteries besides none of the other mysteries in previous seasons grabbed me. i also want to take a minute to shout out my guiltiest pleasure, for two seasons now i have been in love with the ghost whisperer for some reason and i don’t know why, i’m a 26 year old relatively insensitive lol male and every episode makes me cry lol…

  • Todd W

    I’ll start with your five and then add a few of my own.

    Grey’s Anatomy: I come close to liking Izzie the best, but her over-the-top moping has gotten on my nerves. As long as she completely returns to normal soon, I’d love to see the show focus on her more. I’m also okay with Bailey and the chief.

    Gilmore Girls: Actually, I think the first few episodes of season seven have struck the perfect balance. I’ve noticed that almost every episode has had the perfect sized doses of Paris, Lane, Sookie, and Michel, not too much, not too little. Kirk, Taylor, and Mrs. Kim have been kept to an appropriate minimum, and I believe we’ve still had a little Babette and Miss Patty sprinkled in. It wouldn’t hurt to see the grandparents more often, especially since they’re often absent for whole episodes at a time. Now, if we can just cut out Christopher and paste in Luke… Cut out Logan and paste in Marty…

    One Tree Hill: Sorry, I don’t watch this one.

    Desperate Housewives: I think Gabrielle and Carlos get *way* too much screen time, but that mostly comes from my extreme dislike of their repetitive storyline. I think I’m the only upright-walking mammal on the planet that likes Julie, but I don’t like her hooking up with Edie’s nephew. Speaking of Edie, I could go for less of her. My vote for more screen time goes to Mike, but only if he’s back to normal and out of the hospital. Mike has been drastically under-used for 1.5 seasons. I’d like to see him come back into play, as he is one of the more stable, level-headed, and believable characters on the show.

    Men In Trees: Thank goodness someone else is watching this show, marooned on Friday nights. I’m not an Anne Heche fan either, at least not in real life, but I’m fine with her character on this show. I’d love to see more interaction between Patrick and Buzz now that they know they’re related. I *really* want Sara’s absence to be temporary (just as long as she dumps the “hospitality” business). Most of all, I love seeing Cynthia Stevenson on this show and wish she were a main cast member instead of recurring. I’ve always liked her performances. Her character in Sheriff mode is a little more abrasive than I’d like, but it’s interesting to see her softer side that reveals itself around her son. So, more Sara, more Celia.

    House: I wouldn’t mind knowing more about the personal lives of Cameron, Chase, and Foreman, but not so much that distracts from the medical mysteries.

    Boston Legal: Brad Chase is a bit of a waste of a character, but I don’t think the solution should have been bringing on Jeffrey Coho as a new main character. Drastically underutilized is the excellent Rene Auberjoinois as Paul Lewiston. I’d love for him to get more screen time, especially if it’s to interact with Armin Shimmerman who plays Judge Hooper. Those two had excellent chemistry on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Odo and Quark, so it’d be great to see them spar more as different characters and sans alien make-up. The one scene of them we got so far just wasn’t enough.

    Jericho: I’ve never been a Gerald McRaney fan before, but I thought he was great in the first few episodes. I’d love to see his mayor character get his health back and get back into action.

    Lost: Where do I start? The producers tweak the cast of this show more than David E. Kelley does to his. I’d love to see far less Sawyer (yeah, I’m sure I’m in the minority on that). It’d be nice to see more focus on Hurley, Claire, Sayid, and a hopefully back to “normal” Locke; and Sun is still one of my favorites too.

    Ugly Betty: I really liked Ana Ortiz’s performances in her Boston Legal and Commander-in-Chief guest spots, so I’d love to see more of her Hilda character on this show. I could, however, deal with less Justin and far less Bradford and Fey.

    Stargate SG-1: With SG-1 ending this season, can we please just give Claudia Black her own show? Please?

    Battlestar Galactica: For minor characters whose actors aren’t even in the opening credits, I loved how much focus was put on Tyrol, Callie, and Gaeta in the third season’s opening storyline. Most of the writers and producers of BSG are veterans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine which integrated and utilized recurring characters beautifully, and it’s a welcome surprise to see them do the same here. I also wouldn’t mind learning more about “Dee” (Anastasia Dualla Adama), since she’s now married to a major character. Lastly, I wouldn’t mind seeing less of Tigh and Starbuck. They’re getting to be too similar, so with either one, a little goes a long way.

  • Stella

    Sophia Bush? No. I don’t need to see her “try” to act her way out of that paper bag. Have you heard of season 2? We like to call that One Brooke Hell. If you need a Sophia Bush fix, I suggest buying the DVDs and watching them over and over.

  • While I’m not necessarily a Sophia Bush fan, I’d vote her in over CMM anyday! Truth be told, I don’t think she can act “her way out of that paper bag” either!

  • Common Sense

    Gilmore Girls, which has fallen off my “must-see” list, has just become dull…I fell asleep before the end last night, meaning I also missed VM & really don’t care. VM is an okay show, but as a relatively new viewer, I (and some co-workers) find ourselves asking: “What’s all the fuss about this show?” It’s overrated. OTH?–No, poor Sophia can’t act, other than to be snarky. And, sorry Todd, I’d be happy if I never saw Claire or Charlie or Hurley again. They serve no purpose on Lost…which, BTW, I’m counting down the hours til tonight’s finale.

  • Todd W in NC

    Common Sense, I agree with you that Claire, Charlie, Hurley, etc., don’t really serve much purpose, but in a way, who does? To me, Sawyer is just as useless, and even Kate comes close. To me the most useful characters are definitely Jack, Locke, and Sayid. The rest are there to fill in the gaps of character interaction and humanize the show. Besides, with the underlying mysteries, including how all these people seem to be connected in some strange way, who knows what purposes exist for these characters that we just haven’t seen yet.

    And, on second thought, Hurley does have a purpose. He’s there to embody the mystery of the six numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. He’s the nexus for that piece of the “mythology.” Aside from that, he’s also the comic relief in what is otherwise a bizarre and usually serious story.

    I’d also like to think that Claire was pregnant when the plane crashed for a reason. One subplot that I think they may re-visit later this season is the Others’ desire to study children. Our new female Other character is a fertility doctor, and Claire was abducted while she was pregnant so she could be studied. They abducted Walt and studied him, and they snatched the kids from the tail section. I think there’s more to the Others’ obsession with children that we just haven’t seen yet.

    The producers of the show keep claiming in interviews that they know the answers to the questions everyone is asking. I’m holding out hope that they’re telling the truth. So, who knows, maybe all of our characters really do have a deeper purpose afterall.

  • Sam

    Please dont get me started on LOST people (great column by the way Amrie). A lot of the stuff you guys all brought up was brought up on the show and then BAM, we never hear about it again making it utterly pointless. Anyone remember Claire’s demon baby? Walts ‘powers’? But oh, he’s gone now so I guess we won’t be exploring that useless storyline.

    My point, Claire, Hurley and everyone who isn’t Jack, Locke, Kate or Sawyer definitely needs more screen time before we forget about them altogether.