HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER… Where everybody knows your name. Except if your name happens to be Barney. Last night’s HIMYM not only continued the show’s sophomore streak of phenomenal episodes, it managed to pay homage to two classic NBC sitcoms.

The episode started with Ted, Marshall and Barney in a coffee house (How cool would it have been had it been Central Perk? That was the nod to FRIENDS by the way). The Barista incorrectly identified Barney as ‘Swarley’, which in sitcom world means hilarity must ensue. For the rest of the episode, the gang only called Barney ‘Swarley’ or ‘Swarles, Swarlos, Swarles Barkley’. I don’t know why it was so funny, it just was. I can only imagine the writers of HIMYM spending an entire afternoon discussing what name sounds funniest. Swarley was a fine choice and one that is still funny the morning after. Seriously, start saying Swarley and a smile will appear.

The second sitcom shout-out occurred over the final credits as Barney, sorry, Swarley walked into the bar, and the entire bar shouted ‘Hi Swarley’ ala CHEERS. The episode ended with the CHEERS theme song and font masking the normal closing credits.

Aside from Swarley I should probably mention that Lilly and Marshall got back together. It was really cute, touching and I’m happy to see Larshall, or is it Milly back together (that really doesn’t work!).

Again, if you’re not watching HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, you’re missing what is quickly evolving into the next FRIENDS or SEINFELD. It’s time to PVR PRISON BREAK and laugh on Mondays. Check out HIMYM next week, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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  • John

    I also enjoyed the story of the short crippled hunchback man following Marshall’s new girlfriend.

  • Frank

    I can’t wait to see this show take off like friends and sienfeld. This is the only 30 min sitcom currently on Tv, that makes me actually laugh out loud. I was on the floor when Lilly was chasing down Marshall’s coffee-girl down the street.

  • Common Sense

    Frank, dear Frank…you really need to watch The Office, if you want to laugh yourself to tears. (Or catch a rerun of King of Queens. Call me crazy, but the more I see Jerry Stiller, the more I believe he is the FUNNIEST, most outrageous supporting comedian on TV over the past decade. He just steals every scene he’s in, whether it’s King or Seinfeld.) I will give “Mother” another shot when Prison Break ends, but it had miles to go to be really funny. I, for one, will be shocked if it has improved that much. And how strange is it that Sheen’s humorless sitcom doubles the audience of either 8pm hour show?

    Did a personal “survey” of my current must-see TV shows, and shockingly, I’m down to FOUR: Prison Break, Lost, The Office and Supernatural.

  • Grinder

    Not to be nit-pickey…but hey, it is what us TV people do…

    The gang at the bar didn’t yell “Hi Swarley”; it was simply “SWARLEY!”, a la Cheers’ recurring greeting “NORM!”

    But dang funny, and a lovely homage. Did you also see the last 30 seconds of November 3rd’s episode of NUMBERS when Judd Hirsch’s character turns on the TV and we hear “Angela” – The Theme from TAXI? Must be homage week…fun!

  • Jackson

    I’m a Grammer Nazi and your perfect grammar is perfect.