STUDIO 60 to get a full season!?!?

According to the Hollywood Reporter STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP is very close to getting a full season pick-up. One source who requested anonymity said, “I’d be very surprised at this point if the show weren’t picked up (for the full season) in the next couple of days.” Aaron Sorkin told the Hollywood Reporter that, “we’re starting to feel optimistic around here” and that people don’t remember that THE WEST WING wasn’t hit until season two.

The TV Addict applauds NBC for having patience and believing in quality television. The only question remaining is when are we going to see NATIONS?

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  • really? really? that’s great news! to think a few days ago i was so nervous that the show was gonna get cancelled!

  • Joe in LA

    Coming Soon:

    the best new show you’re not watching
    the TV addict recommends nations

  • tcgc

    Great news, but I thought it was odd they had “on-location” two parter in the first season. I know Sorkin is a fan of those, but first season? Usually the characters are more developed when they attempt those kind of episodes…oh well.

  • Esther

    Kristin (E!) has also heard about that news. I hope it’s true…

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