Thoughts on our HEROES

I really enjoyed last night’s episode of HEROES. It focused on a variety of characters and stories, which I far prefer versus last week’s Nikki-centric episode. A few quick observations.

We won’t find out until episode 9 or 10 why Nathan’s wife is in a wheel chair. I have a feeling that Las Vegas was not the first time Nathan has been chased by mysterious men. I also feel as if there’s a lot more to Nathan’s wife than meets the eye. Is it just me, or does it look like she knew Nathan was lying about Nikki?

I am 100% going on the record that Claire’s dad (aka Horn-Rimmed Glasses) is a good guy.

I was pleased to see Greg Grunberg back playing a central role, or any role for that matter. While the FBI side of his story isn’t quite working for me (I wish he was more connected to our other HEROES), I am really enjoying his personal story. I honestly did not predict his partner was sleeping with his wife. I really don’t think I’d like to be able to read minds, seems like more of a curse than a power.

Finally, the inevitable occured, Micah has a super power! But what exactly can he do? Control energy? Heal? Fix telephones really really fast. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli) has the whitest, most perfect teeth I’ve ever seen. Forget the power of flight, no doubt Nathan Petrelli has some sort of super teeth cleaning ability.

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  • Cory

    If you remember in the pilot he fixed that computer. So I’m guessing he has the ability to repair electronics in some way.

  • Nikki really could have solved her money problems by turning Micah into a super quick repair shop!

  • Mario

    I think Micah can control electronics – cool power if you think about the possibilities.

  • Frank

    Micah is a Technopath, If anyone saw the movie “Sky High’ there was a character in the movie who had that power, the power to control/repair electronics

  • Power to control/generate electricity for a short time atleast. Reminds me of a character from a not so popular comic book series. But that is one cool power to have. My bet is on electricity.

  • Alexa

    Micah’s power could be the most important on the show. Think of the Suresh computer program.

  • I think I’m coming around on HRG as well. It was heartbreaking for me to see Claire freak-out about the tape… she just wants to be accepted.

    I hope Hiro gets a more substantial role. I love him as the comic relief, but he’s destined for something greater 🙂

  • Beanster

    Regarding Frank, yeah, those were my exact thoughts on the Michah/Technopath thing. Also, I see HRG as a sort of half bad/half good guy. Good because he wants to protect Claire, but bad because he obviously is protecting her from what she needs to know and probing other people for their powers or whatever he did to Matt. So I think in the end he might be trying to help, but he might just be one of those characters who has nooo idea how to go about it and ends up screwing everything up.

  • we already KNOW why nathan’s wife is in a wheelchair!!! weren’t u watching when they had the BRUNCH– and the reporter ws making insinuations as to did Nathan’s wife hate her husband for crashing the car when she was th only one who got injured??? pay attention yo ur shows!!