Live Blogging LOST (Episode 6, Season 3)

8:54PM: 6 Minutes to Lost, coincidentally, it’s the sixth episode of part one of the third season (that’s a mouthful)! There is literally nothing on so I’m just killing time.

9:00PM: How painfully cheesy is the final dance circle of all the Dancing with the ‘Stars’? Finally, the show’s on. Damn, LOST looks awesome in HD. Serious folks, if you haven’t jumped on the HD bandwagon, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Ohhh.. flashback… looks like Kate! If that is her real name. NATHAN FILLION! Holy Firefly! So nice to see the Captain back in action.

9:04PM: Benry Gale’s tumour is borderline inoperable. Jack says Benry has one week. It LOST time, what is that…. three more seasons? Ben and Jack… VERY COOL! Okay, this episode may not actually suck.

9:06PM: Commercial time. Any bets on how many commercials we’ll see for ABC’S DAYBREAK. BORAT commercial…. I know this isn’t the movie (or reel) addict, but that was one funny movie.

9:11PM: Random new Lost alert! I love how Brazilian Tom Cruise is ALMOST wearing a red shirt… orange, so close.

9:14PM: Is that Rosseaus’s daughter? Just like they killed who? Who’s her boyfriend?

9:20PM: So that’s not Kate’s mom, because she’s dead right. Honestly I don’t remember anything about what happened two years ago.

9:22PM: Kate and Jack reunion…. it’s so Silence of the Lambs.. don’t touch the glass clarice.. sorry Kate. Forget Kate, Sawyer and Jack…. I feel bad for the rest of the Losties…. Charlie and Claire have had what 2 lines this season.

9:25PM: Good Jack… don’t do it. Stand your Ground.

9:27PM: I wonder if THE OC’s any good tonight. I’ll be watching it later tonight!

9:29PM: Dolled up Kate sort of looks like Jennifer Garner.

9:36PM: Umm, Jack, Kate.. I don’t think they realize creepy old Benry is totally watching them. Any chance we’ll see this on youtube?

9:41PM: Nathan Fillion really knows how to pick them! Oh oh, Kate can’t leave the country… this isn’t going to end well.

9:45PM: Jack….. don’t look at the TV screen…. ignore Kate and Sawyer…. too late… nooooo.

9:47PM: Jack I can’t believe you caved. Only one segment left. Odds are there will be yet again no answers, but I’ve actually enjoyed the episode. I wonder if Jack is going to join Michael and Walt off the island.

9:52PM: OMG, is Kate going to kill him instead of tell him the truth!! No… okay drugged him, but I was pretty close. Looks like the episode is going to end with Benry on the table close to death… hmm I think I predicted this earlier this afternoon… It’s almost as if I have my own Super Power to predict Television…. I should be on HEROES.

9:55PM: Next episode.. for sure a Benry Gale Flashback episode.

9:57PM: Wait a sec.. Don’t the men Kate sleep with generally end up dead?

9:14PM: Okay, that was an INCREDIBLE ENDING! Serious Kudos to Lindeloff and Cuse. WOW! February 7… seems so far away!!!! What story did Jack tell Kate on the beach….. to my DVD collection!

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  • Frank

    daybreak #4..featuring a song from the movie The Punisher, intresting.

  • Frank, that was a cool song. I may have to iTunes it.

  • Common Sense

    What the SHAT? The Dems win both Houses??

  • Frank

    ..well that sucked.

  • those sons of bitches…


  • Sam

    Oh now they’re bribing us to watch Daybreak. I’ll catch those ‘exclusive’ previews on Youtube thanks.

  • Frank.. sucked.. come’on.. that was awesome!

  • Frank

    The song from Day Break Commercial is called “In Time” by mark Collie

  • Common Sense

    I’m speechless. (But grandma’s gonna be sore if Sawyer gets shot) ha ha

    Can’t wait till Feb.

  • Thanks for everyone for taking part…. yes, I’m talking to you Frank, CS, Sam and Tim! All 4 of you! See you in February! So far Away…

  • Sam

    It was the second best of the six so far, but ultimately they’ve all been much slower than the other seasons.

  • Damon & Carlton have confirmed that the first episode back (feb 7th) is a Juliet episode.

  • Sam

    Oh definitely will be returning in Feb. Until then I’ll be lurking around the site commenting on everything else (more exclusive interviews please, lol)