Predict LOST’S Final Scene!

With this being the final LOST of 2006, showrunners Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse are undoubtedly going to leave us with a jaw-dropping final scene surprising enough to ensure we’ll tune in when the show returns in February (like there is a chance we wouldn’t). My guess as to the ending: The enormous ancient foot statue that we saw in last May’s final will come alive, controlled by the mysterious black smoke monster and stomp out some of the islanders. Seriously folks, post away with your theories, ones that will no doubt be far smarter than my own.

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  • I’m reposting this from an earlier post.

    Ausiello: Is it too soon to talk about what this season’s “challah” will be?
    Carlton: Yes.
    Damon: We’ve already gone on record as saying we’re going to call it the “matzo” this year.
    Carlton: Our biggest concern on the show is that we’re going to run out of Jewish bread products.
    Damon: There aren’t that many.

    I love Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

    I think the final scene of the “fall finale” will be Sawyer hanging onto life.

  • So I don’t have a clue what the final scene will be (though I image it will have to do with Kate and sawyer running from the others and Benry flat lining with Jack wondering what to do), but I do have a theory about Kate in tonight’s episode that if true would be huge and very spoilerific.

    Here it is: In Kristin Veitch’s interview with Benry, Michael Emerson said that there will be some “shuffling of loyalties and sympathies”, which makes me think Kate might switch sides. I don’t think Kate is an Other, but I think she may have agreed to help them possibly by threat or with the same offer given to Jack: a way off the island (and with the possible addition of immunity from her crimes). Tonight is a Kate flashback, and it’s also the finale, so I’d say it’s safe to say something big is gonna happen with her character.

    In the first episode, Benry said to Kate “These next few weeks are going to be very unpleasant” and then next time we saw her she had bruises on her wrists so we know something happened to her that we weren’t shown for a reason. And then they would put her into a cage that they must have known she (as both a criminal and a climber) would be able to easily escape from. Perhaps she has made a deal with the Others and is supposed to act normal in front of Sawyer or trick him into saying or doing something? We know she’s a good liar and I’m guessing in the flashback we’ll learn that she has no problem lying to someone she loves. It also must now be hard on her, as I guess it wasn’t part of the plan for Picket to almost kill Sawyer.

  • If the Fall Finale is Sawyer hanging on for dear life, can you say booorinnnggg.

    I’d like to see the return of the LOST Shark… so we can have a character literally ‘jump the shark’

    How about Jack, Sawyer and Kate escape from Other camp…. where they’re cornered on the edge of a cliff with obviously sharks circling in the water below

    The Polar Bears are about to pounce on Jack, when Penny Whidmore’s plane crashes, killing the Polar Bear, and the explosion’s force throws Jack, Sawyer and Kate safely back to their beach.

  • Geri

    How about Michael and Walt coming back since there´s obviously no way to leave the island(s)? I mean Desmond tried to sail away once but it didn´t work for some reason.

    Maybe the two of them come back and reveal to their pals that they just seemed to return to the island no matter which direction they tried. And then Vincent the dog (where is he anyway?) starts to talk!

    Nah…ok…I just hope that the cliffhanger will be a great one, otherwise I´ll probably forget about tuning in again next year.

  • Agreed, I have serious high hopes for tonight. Lord knows fans deserve a killer episode.

  • I’m praying… but not holding my breath. Did that make sense?

  • Sam

    TVGuy it makes sense because I’m exactly the same way right now.


  • Awwww… that’s how they’re gonna get you. Showing previews for the February premiere of Lost each week during Day Break. CURSE YOU ABC!

    ..did he just call her Monica? Oh Kate, you flirty con you. How can you con Capt. Tightpants?