OC fans take note. This week is a double dose of THE OC. Tune into THE OC at 9PM tonight and tomorrow on FOX to see if Ryan finally hunts down Volchek so he can move on with his life and hook up with Taylor (oops, spoiler alert!)

I of course will be PVRing THE OC in order to take part in the final LOST LIVE BLOGGING EVENT of 2007. Will the true island Gods Lindeloff and Cuse provide us with any answers with regarts to what is actually happening on the island? Probably not. But it’s fun to talk about how frustrated we are. It’s like a support group for hopeless Lost-a-holics. The first step is admittance: Hi, I’m Daniel, and even though nothing ever seems to happen, I’m addicted to LOST….

Last night’s GILMORE GIRLS had a little something for everyone. Christopher continued his self-realization and journey of discovery by finally realizing that he was in fact a pretty awful father to Rory (well duh!). With her strong leadership skills, Rory showed us that she turned out perfectly with only Lorelai for a mom (take that Dan Qualie!). And finally, Luke learned how to swim. Yeah, I didn’t really get that storyline either, but it gave Lane some much needed screen time and hopefully some extra cash for babysitting April. How Lane is going to support a child on a struggling band’s salary is the true mystery of GILMORE GIRLS!

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  • Ausiello: Is it too soon to talk about what this season’s “challah” will be?
    Carlton: Yes.
    Damon: We’ve already gone on record as saying we’re going to call it the “matzo” this year.
    Carlton: Our biggest concern on the show is that we’re going to run out of Jewish bread products.
    Damon: There aren’t that many.

    I love Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.