The TV Addict Dissects VERONICA MARS

First thing first. What was the deal with Veronica’s new computer buddy Max? We all know when VERONICA MARS needs computer help, she goes to her best friend MAC (She isn’t named after the world’s greatest computer company for nothing?!).

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s episode and am thrilled that the central mystery is finally being woven a little tighter into each episode. While it’s too early to legitimately guess who’s behind the rapes, I’m going to take a shot anyway. Of course if I’m wrong, I’ll be deleting this post and denying that I ever said anything.

So here it goes, the TV Addict’s official leading suspect is Veronica’s criminology professor and apparently morally bankrupt mentor Professor Landry. Think about it. The man knows enough about crime to cover his tracks, seems to have a thing for young college co-eds (Veronica) and clearly has no qualms about having an affair with a married woman (hence the morally bankrupt aspect). Landry is also played by a recognizable guest star (Patrick Fabian) along the same lines as last season’s Mark Foley wannabe Mayor Woody Goodman (Steve Guttenberg).

While on the subject of affairs, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Keith Mars — Veronica’s Dad. I’m quite frankly shocked that a man who’s had his own share of marital woes and heartache would partake in affair with a married woman (Guest star Laura San Giacomo). No doubt the road ahead will be interesting for Keith. Of course, truth be told, I should have seen this coming. Actor Enrico Colantoni said so himself in a recent interview with the TV addict when talking about his hopes for season 3.

“I want to see him falter, make mistakes, bend the rules, not be so perfect. Really I want to see Keith be more human. Right now he is just a good dad. Good dads make mistakes and pay the consequences.”

I wonder what the consequences will be for Keith when Harmony’s husband discovers their affair?

Finally, when Piz tells Veronica that Parker isn’t his ‘type’, I think we all know what that means!

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  • Frank

    ahhh I missed this episode, DAMN VCR. unfortunatly im a poor college student so i don have the means to get a tivo.

    Is there anyway i can view this episode online?

  • I’m not aware of VERONICA MARS being posted legally online. Perhaps some of our readers can help you out!

  • Tracey

    Is there any word on the ratings and if our favorite show will be picked up for a full season???

  • There are ‘not-so-legal’ methods out there, check YouTube within the next couple of days. Search for Veronica Mars 3×06.

  • Jasmine

    Veronica had to go toMax for computer help because Mac is out of town doing something, if you go back to where Veronica talks to Parker she said she felt bad for Parker because Mac wasn’t around for her to hang with.

  • Jasmine… I realize that Mac was ‘out of town’ – really shooting her HBO show BIG LOVE, but it just bothers me. Veronica was computer nerd cheating on Mac with, of all people, Max!

  • Common Sense

    In my TV market, Gilmore Girls scored a 5.1 rating, and Veronica followed with a .8. That’s a point-eight. In other words, it lost nearly 85% of its lead-in. Folks, as much as everyone seems to love the cult-show, that’s just not acceptable. Dawn’s “dream pairing” of GG & VM was the 2nd poor programming decision, after axing Everwood. For whatever reason, people just will not watch this show, and I’d be shocked if it receives a full-season pickup. It wouldn’t make good business sense, as advertisers surely can’t be buying much time in it.

  • Liz

    Mac isn’t named Mac because of Mac computers. Her middle name is Mackenzie.

  • i hate how we base like everything about a show’s renewal off the ratings.

    A LOT of people who watch the show don’t have neilson boxes.

    and A LOT of people who watch the show live in Canada.

    (this goes for all other shows as well)

  • Jasmine

    Speaking of Big Love got any scoop on when it’s coming back and what’s going to happen to the Henderson clan??

  • Charlie

    common sense, i’ve been disecting the ratings today. those aren’t correct for ANY location in the continental US. i don’t mean to be rude, but i have a friend in LA who sent me the specific neilsen overnight breakdowns (the finals are delayed today) for all markets and that does not exist.

    plus, even if they are down, it doesn’t mean we give up. let’s fight the good fight, not let her make another dumb mistake (like everwood).

  • Geri

    I wished VM related internet traffic would be included in the ratings;)

    I really need a good pre-x-mas present this year and a full season announcement would be a GREAT gift!!! Holy ass, what am I going to do without Veronica? I am from Europe, nothing I can do from here but if anyone of you Americans know someone with a Nielsen box sitting on top of their TVs, go talk to them and persuade them to watch this awesome show.

  • I too am a diehard Veronica fan and I hope we find out about a renewal soon. It’s all I want for Chanukah.