Online TV Bonanza

CBS has posted a sneak preview of their newest HOUSE/GREY’S/CSI mash-up, entitled 3 LBS. Starring Stanley Tucci and Mark Feuerstein, 3 LBS revolves around brain surgeons, and in case you’re wondering, the show’s title refers to the weight of a human brain. Click here to visit CBS’ Innertube.

In more CBS news, the Tiffany Network has posted the remaining episodes of the Ray Liotta vehicle SMITH. Memo to NBC, when are we going to see the remaining episodes of KIDNAPPED online? Click here to visit CBS’ Innertube.

On fans of THE OFFICE will be able to view a first-ever, web-exclusive “producer’s cut” of the November 9th episode. The episode will include additional scenes and extra footage not shown in the broadcast version. No doubt Canadian fans (and fans throughout the rest of the world) will be left in the dust, but it won’t stop this TV Addict from logging on and hoping that NBC is kind enough to let us watch the show.

In more NBC news, the network has launched the first ever broadband comedy channel Original Comedic Material will be showcased along with highlights from NBC’s Legendary Late-night Shows and Library. Canadians don’t fret, as a public service, the site’s already been tested by this TV Addict and thankfully it’s available to those of us up here in the great white north (yes, I’m talking about Canada).

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  • andi

    I have been able to watch all of the other videos on the website so I have hope that I (and other people in Canada) will be able to watch tonight’s too. Fingers crossed!

  • Chris

    Um….NBC already posts a new episode of Kidnapped every week, I think on a Friday, on their website. I think it started a few days after the show was officially cancelled and pulled off the air.