STUDIO 60 Gets a Full Season

Looks like NBC Studio Prez Kevin Reilly will indeed ‘be there for’ ex-Friend Matthew Perry. Kirstin from Eonline is reporting that STUDIO 60 ON THE SUNSET STRIP has indeed received an order for a complete season of episodes (22 episodes).

Apparently, the NBC Prez (and my new favourite person in the world) is standing behind STUDIO, and keeping it in its Monday night timeslot hoping that the audience might grow.

Now there’s some great news to start of a dreary, gloomy, rainy Thursday.

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  • Todd W in NC

    This is good news. While I’m not nearly as much of a fan of Studio 60 as some people (it’s about in the middle on my list of TV priorities), it’s still good to see a network give a show a chance to grow and find its voice. Of course, since it’s on NBC, it’s debatable whether it’s out of determination or desparation. On the other hand, they cancelled Kidnapped pretty quickly (twice, in a way).

    Fox is doing a pretty good job in this area too. While I haven’t heard of any full-season pickups on their new shows, the fact that Standoff, Justice, and Vanished are still on the air at all is kind of amazing (especially Vanished, which is *almost* deserving of cancellation). Of course, if they were sci-fi/fantasy shows, they’d be nothing but a memory already.

  • Don’t forget about my favorite little gem, Men In Trees, scoring not only a full season pick up, BUT the prime post-Grey’s time slot!!!

    Starting November 30, it’s Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, and Men in Trees on one night…Can I seriously handle Hot!Eric Mabius (and adorable little Justin) at 8, the hot!boys of Grey’s at 9, and Hot!James Tupper (and the amazingly adorable Patrick Bachelor) at 10?

  • Todd W in NC

    Whoa!!! Men In Trees got the full season *and* a better timeslot??? What a surprise and a relief. Men In Trees is my favorite new show of the season. But, where is the official announcement? I haven’t noticed one yet.

    As a hetero male, I don’t care about the allegedly “hot” guys you speak of, but I am a fan of all three Thursday shows, especially Men In Trees, because of the quirky characters and the overall storylines. Men In Trees does fit better on ABC’s hot yet soft Thursday night, rather than Fridays, where only sci-fi, news shows, repeats, and a maybe a reality show or two have much chance to thrive.

    Is my assumption correct that this timeslot shift was made possible by a cancellation of Six Degrees? Or, could it have just been moved, ala Vanished & Kidnapped? I might be the only person who likes Six Degrees too, but if it was killed to make room for Men In Trees, I’m okay with it “taking one for the team.”

    Also, if Six Degrees was cancelled, will they end abruptly, or will they get a chance to have some closure, even if it’s on the web, like Kidnapped?

  • It sounds like 6 Degrees will be retooled slightly and come back in January! They’re going to attempt to focus more on the Bridget Moynihan and Campbell Scott characters….

    ABC sent out a press release yesterday that says…

    “Men in Trees is moving to Thursday nights at 10 pm, as of Nov. 30. In addition, the series has been picked up for a full-season order. Men in Trees will air in that time slot through December, and Six Degrees will return with all original episodes in January 2007.”

    YAY!!! I’m so excited to see this show continue…I really didn’t think I’d like Anne Heche, but I think that the whole show and cast just meshes so well, that I couldn’t even think of not watching it!!!

  • yay! this calls for a LOT of celebration!