THE OC Keeps Getting Hotter

Surely I’m not the only viewer who saw the irony of Summer wasting a few trees as she attempted to write Seth a letter explaining her feelings. Here’s an idea for our favourite new hippie: Why not use the shiny new MacBook on your desk to send an email to Seth…. far more environmentally friendly.

Summer’s tree-killing aside, I loved last night’s episode of THE OC. Taylor is quickly becoming my favourite opinionated blonde sidekick on the west coast (my east coast favourite being none other then Paris Gellar). Her antics, and surprising impromptu marriage revelation provided for some nice light moments in contrast to the dark depression that is Debbie Downer, sorry Ryan Atwood.

Thank God for Seth and his superior comic book nerd brain power. Providing Ryan with the wrong address for Volchok was a stroke of brilliance. Lord knows we didn’t need to see Ryan arrested (again!). Let’s hope Volchok disappears for good (or at least until the season finale) so that Ryan can move on with his life, and we can forget about Marissa.

And finally, as much as I hate to say this, Sandy had no right to be angry at Newport’s hottest mom with poor judgement. No doubt Julie should not have literally sent Ryan to kill Volchok, but one mustn’t forget, that if it wasn’t for Ryan being ‘adopted’ by the Cohens, Marissa might still be alive today (Forgetting the fact that Ryan did indeed save Marissa’s life twice: First in Tijuana and second from Crazy Oliver).

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  • I thought last night’s episode was back on track with the seasons of old. Not sure I care for Kaitlin yet, but the other stories really made up for it. Taylor is fraking hilarious, and Seth’s drunken tattoo-ness was great!

  • K

    OK, people in Chicago did NOT know there would be an extra episode last night so we didn’t see it. And the annoying thing is that FOX On Demand doesn’t have the episode so we can’t watch it. Any ideas on where to go to see it?

  • I too think the show’s gotten much better this season. Tonight’s episode was the best of the 3 to date. I’m also feeling the Taylor love and after tonight it looks like Volchok is gone for good.