90210 Watch: The Truth About Season 5

If you’re like me (and live in Canada), you’ve no doubt been re-living your youth by watching BEVERLY HILLS 90210 from the beginning on TVTropolis. Since June we’ve seen all the classics: Donna Martin Graduate, Kelly and Brenda fight for Dylan’s love, Steve continue to lose his hair, David falling into the world of drugs, John Sears, the Fraternity, Claire, Dylan’s unexpected new family, Jesse Vasquez, Donna proclaiming her eternal virginity, … well you get the idea.

Of course this week, everything changed. Just as our anticipation for the fifth season and the introduction of Valerie Malone (the incomprabable Tiffani Amber Theissen) reached a fevered pitch, episodes of 90210 travelled back in time to the series premiere?!?!?

Wanting to get to the bottom of this, theTVaddict.com contacted TVTropolis directly. Dan Kenning, the publicist for TVTropolis was kind enough to respond to my email.

We [TVTropolis] currently only have the rights to Seasons 1-4  (aka The Brenda Years). Under the terms of our CRTC license, we’re unable to air scripted programs that are less than 10 years old –so while we’d be unable to air the eps that were produced between ’97 and 2000, that still leaves us with the opportunity of acquiring a few more seasons of the series (Valerie!). Our programmers are looking into it for 2007, so I’d advise the faithful to stay tuned for further updates. (We have plenty of in-house fans of the series here, too.)
Some additional 90210 info I can share: there will be another marathon on Dec 9, this time featuring Shannen Doherty-centric episodes. 

So folks you heard it hear first. For the immediate future, Valerie Malone, Brandon and Kelly’s relationship, and the quick and sudden death of Dylan’s wife Toni will have to wait for a few more years.

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  • jls

    Oh, thank-you so much for looking into this and getting some answers for us! I was quite upset to tune in after the big “getting together” episode and find we’d gone back to the beginning. BUMMER that we won’t get any more for a while.

  • GG

    That sucks. Over here in the US, the SOAP Network has shown every episode (2 a day) and we’re nearing the end of Season 9 I think.

  • Taryn Marques

    This is outragous…damn them!

  • Sima





  • brian birchall

    I have stopped watching TVtropolis. As with most Canadian cable channels, they are too cheap to provide new programming. They buy a couple of seasons of good stuff and then repeat it over and over and increase the rate of advertising alienating fans. We are sick of this crap programming. Get it right or don’t do it at all.

  • Becky

    So why is it that you can air programs like Survivor and Deal or No Deal, if you have a contract stating you can’t air anything that is newer than 10 years old? I am confused…

  • Lyndsay

    That’s true ! I didn’t even think of that, me and my friends have sent countless emails to tvtropolis regarding this aswell and got a much weaker reply than that. they just told us they were “trying to aquire new seasons”….lame.

  • Lyndsay

    oh, reading it again it says ” we can only air SCRIPTED programs over 10 years old” deal or no deal and survivor are not scripted

  • Becky

    Good eye Lyndsay – hopefully we can get some “new” episodes soon, there is only so many times that I can watch Brenda Walsh – she’s really starting to annoy me! I’m ready for the rest of the episodes!

  • Jenny

    I can’t believe this. Now I may not have been around when the show was airing, infact i wasn’t born until the 3rd season, but this isn’t fair. Why can’t Tvtroppalis just get the rights to all the seasons before airing them? Or maybe the canadian government can get the american channels so that us canadians can probably see what happens after season 4.

  • Lyndsay

    GUESS WHAT!! i just saw a commercial on tv tropolis saying they are starting season 5 sept 10th!! good news all!! regular time im assuming, our prayers have been answered!!!

  • Just a head up to all my fellow TVTropolis Addicts: TheTVAddict.com broke the news back in May that TVTropolis will be airing seasons 5-10 of 90210 starting this fall.