A SMALLVILLE [early] Thanksgiving

As much as I’m enjoying the introduction of the Green Arrow on SMALLVILLE, isn’t it just a crutch for the writers? It seems as though they’ve simply run out of stories for Clark Kent. Why not just fess up and turn SMALLVILLE into a JUSTICE LEAGUE?

That said, I’m loving what Green Arrow has added to the show. His ‘after-school-special’ drug addiction made for an excellent episode. My only complaint is that Ollie’s road to recovery seemed a bit fast. As someone who has a lot of experience with watching TV characters get hooked on drugs (see: 90210’s David Silver, OC’s Seth Cohen, etc.), we all know it generally takes a few episodes for the character to hit ‘rock bottom’ and learn the error of his or her way.

A few other random observations:

Do Lana, Chloe or Clark go to school anymore? Chloe works at the paper, Clark does the Super Hero thing, and Lana seems to be living of Lex’s money. What happened to the importance of a College education?

How many times has Lex been shot? Seriously, it’s been at least five times. Why doesn’t he wear a bullet proof vest all the time?

Does Martha Kent ever work? She is after-all a state senator.

Loved the juxtaposition between the Kent Thanksgiving and the Luthor Thanksgiving. Why do billionaires feel the need to eat meals at enormous overly pretentious dining room tables with servants watching over them. Awkward much?

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  • They explained the school thing by saying Metropolis University was badly damaged in the whole Zod affair, Black Thursday. It’s been closed for the semester for repairs.

  • Thanks Tim. Truth be told, I’ve missed a few episodes of SMALLVILLE this season. It’s so inconsistent.

  • I LOVE Smallville, but its just getting pathetic now.

    Common, *SPOILER!!!!*

    Lana is pregnant, WHAT THE HELL! I guess they will tease the audience with that for the upcoming season though.

    Worst of all, Lional and Martha are starting to become a “thing” which is dumb considering that Martha said she would never fall for him.

    Also, FOR GOD’S SAKE STOP IT WITH ALL OF THE DAMN SEX! It doesn’t add to the story at all and it just makes me think that the writers are creepy and perverted.

    I think that all of the crappy writers from 7th Heaven went over to Smallville, because now I find myself yelling at the TV saying “THIS SHOW IS PATHETIC”. (Sadly, I actually do that.)

  • Sean,

    I can’t believe Martha Kent would be dumb enough to start a relationship with Lionel.
    It’s a complete slap in the face to Papa Kent, who always knew the true colours of the Luthor Family.
    No doubt Papa Kent is rolling over in his grave watching the Family sit down with Lionel for Thanksgiving.

  • Linda B.

    Am enjoying the Green Arrow storyline. Does anyone else think he looks like a blonde Ben Affleck?

    Anyway, yeah, they should just start the Justice League. What other superheroes have we seen pop up in Smallville so far? Only ones that come to mind are the Flash and Aquaman. Who else am i forgetting?

  • Alexa

    about the justice league thing . . . there is going to be a justice league episode. all of the heroes we have seen so far are all going to conregate in a few episodes. this includes cyborg, the flash, aquaman, and of course clark and ollie

  • Oh god.. I’m not even joking, if Batman comes into the show, I’m not watching anymore. I love Batman, but that would just be too far.

    BTW, thanks for the Smallville article!

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