LOVED last nights episode of THE OFFICE

LOVED Jim’s speech following Josh turning down Jan’s job offer, “Say what you want about Michael Scott, he would never have done that.”

LOVED how after Josh rejected Jan’s job offer, the paper company just reversed their plans, quickly deciding to close down the Stamford Branch. With quick decisions like that, can someone please explain to me how the company is still in business?

LOVED how Jim and Pam were discreetly (or not so discreetly) trying to ascertain who was transferring from each branch.

LOVED how the long awaited Jim/Pam reunion will be complicated by the arrival of (gasp!) Karen.

LOVED how Pam will now find herself fighting for Jim’s affection. I wonder if we’ll see a really akward double date between Pam/Roy and Jim/Karen?

LOVED how everyone in THE OFFICE was actually happy that their branch was closing… except of course Kelly.

LOVED the Ryan and Kelly story. I have a feeling Ryan will never escape her (worst one night stand ever!)

LOVED Jim’s fax prank on Dwight.

LOVED Dwight and Michael’s moment in the car re-hashing the ‘Best Office Moments Ever’. My personal favourite, The Dundee Award Show at Chili’s

DO NOT LOVE how the Extended Producer’s Cut of the episode is only available to viewers in the United States. Once again, the neighbours to the north, better known as Canadians are forgotten about. It would be nice if CanWest Global (the Canadian Network that owns the right to THE OFFICE in Canada) would get their act together and start posting these videos on their own site so Canadians can enjoy them as well. We’re 30 million strong and are voices will be heard!

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  • Future Dwight – funniest.thing.EVER!

  • Common Sense

    Had to watch Green Leather & SN…too tired for The Office (on tape—preserved forever!). Can’t wait, though, and hope the Dundee Awards flashback includes “Busiest Beaver” winner Phyllis pointing out “This says BUSHIEST Beaver.” Too funny.

  • Coincidentally, I was exhausted last night as well. I only watched THE OFFICE and THE OC…. everything else I’ll get to this weekend.

    I now judge how well a show is doing based on how quickly I want to watch it. THE OFFICE and THE OC have been great so far, SMALLVILLE and GREY’S can wait till the weekend.

  • James

    I believe the writer is referring to the “Stamford” branch, not “Stanford”.

  • Ash

    I have a quick question. I can never watch The Office when it comes on (DVR’ing Ugly Betty and Survivor) so I have to buy it on iTunes. Was last night a supersized episode because the one on there is 30 mins while they are usually 22. I was wondering if the Producer’s Cut is on iTunes or just on the Innertube.