THE OC: Thanksgiving Comes Early

Ding Dong Volchok’s Dead! Okay, not exactly dead, but ‘dead’ as a plot device on THE OC, which in this TV addict’s book, means dead to the show. Unless of course FOX tries to jump on the PRISON BREAK bandwagon with a spin-off. Imagine…. PRISON BREAK: VOLCHOK EDITION.

Imaginary spin-offs aside, with Volchok presumably behind bars, Ryan, Julie and Summer can hopefully get on with their lives and start to feel happy again. Of course the big question is, do we want them to get on with their lives? It’s ironic that in death, Marissa Cooper has had such a positive effect on THE OC. The show has started its fourth season with perhaps its strongest episodes ever —telling interesting stories, filled with solid acting and some classic OC humour thrown in for good measure (Loved how Sandy was referred to as “crazy eyebrow man”).

Marissa’s death has turned Summer into a tree-hugging defender of the homeless (Why exactly does Summer not invite her homeless possé to her own mansion?) and gave Julie her most touching scene ever. I loved the episode’s final moments, as Julie asks Ryan to tell her about Marissa. Julie’s realization that she never really took the time to get to know Marissa was fantastic, I wonder if she’ll make the same mistake with Kaitlan? Who by the way brought home the ugliest dog ever, and as a dog lover, that’s quite difficult for me to say.

Finally, it wouldn’t be an OC roundup without mentioning my new favourite character Taylor. I am loving her continued integration in the show and cannot wait for the inevitable Ryan Taylor hook up.

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  • Sam

    I know what you mean tvaddict and completely agree. I’m not just watching out of habit anymore, I actually have geniuinely been enjoying each episode thus far. Not sure if it was Mischa Barton or the Marissa character, but either way the show lost its poison.

    Speaking of crossovers, you forgot to mention Dr. Roberts little nod to Grey’s Anatomy. FOX loves to talk about other shows on other networks and trash its own it seems (yes MADtv and Family Guy I’m talking about you) Funny how they mentioned the show people were probably watching instead, lol.

  • Jennifer

    Good article. This season of The OC is looking VERY promising.

    And…Taylor/Ryan?? I’m thrilled about this. SO thrilled. 😉