Needs Your Help!

I’m incredibly bored with my website header, and now that STUDIO 60 has been renewed, there’s no need to promote it (at least for a few weeks anyways). So I’d like to change the image header above, but am finding that I have designers block (it’s like writers block, but a little different!). Thus, I need your help. Please post away with any idea below for what you’d like to stare at on, or feel free to email me at info(at) Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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  • Charlie


  • becky

    I think you should make it “Zach Braff stay with Scrubs for next year” since he said he might be leaving after this season, which would suck so bad as a true scrubs fan!

  • Do something with Heroes! There’s a lot of characters to choose from there.

  • veronica mars!
    it still hasnt been renewed for a full season!

  • T. Paul

    There are so many great new shows to get passionate about this season that I think you should have a sort of montage of them. You typically have more than one show featured unless you’re doing a “Save [show] Campaign.” It’d be great to see an Ugly Betty/Friday Night Lights/Brothers and Sisters/Studio 60/etc banner.

    Otherwise, replace Studio 60 with Veronica Mars or Friday Night Lights as The Best Show You’re Not Watching.

  • kmc

    Veronica Mars or Friday Night Lights!

  • Sam

    Until we know what’s safe and what’s not (that’s worth saving) I definitely agree it should be a show like Veronica Mars, The O.C. or Friday Night Lights (with my bias being towards VM).

  • andi

    I think it should be The Office because that show is amazing and should be on for as long as is possible. Especially when the amount of time that it would take for Jim and Pam to get together is considered.

  • Lia

    Veronica Mars or Degrassi for the start of the new season in Canada this month

  • Thelma

    I would like to see a banner promoting Veronica Mars (which has not yet gotten a full season’s order) and Friday Night Lights (which people seem to genuinely like).

  • Em

    How about a banner celebrating all the great new shows this year – ugly betty, studio 60, heroes, etc.!

  • ||—TheTVAddictAddict—||

    Here’s one I just whipped up quickly…I thought it kept with the theme…Let me know what you think:

    View Image

  • Joe in LA

    Um, how about: “Kidnapped, The Best Show You Are REALLY Not Watching!”

  • The Nine?

  • Gary

    I think it’ll be great if you’ll put up Heroes or Ugly Betty.

  • I like the artwork!

  • Janice 1997

    Arrested Development…….the best show you aren’t watching…..because it is no longer in production…..sorry, but some of us AD fans still have sadly not let go :.)

  • Dheena

    friday night lights! 🙂

  • Alexa


    the show that deserves a full season!

  • shannon

    Veronica! It NEEDS to be picked up for a full season.

  • Veronica Mars…The OC….the shows that NEED our help.

  • After fall sweeps there’s going to be a lot of repeats for awhile during the holidays. What about showcasing this year’s best shows, plus you could tie it in with a ‘Best of 2006’ list.

  • Just thought of another! What about having all the rape suspects from Veronica Mars? Add new suspects as they emerge, and cross out suspects when their name is cleared.

  • babygirrr

    Love the new header! Great job, it is beautiful and well deserved, Veronica needs all the support it can get since it has yet to be picked up for a full season.

  • Charlie

    Thanks for teh Veronica banenr!! You’re a man of the people.

  • Well,a nice banner at the top. However I don’t know whether “punish” is a good word. To my mind, it seems like some kind of underestimating ex/present Gilmore fans.

  • Ahh yea, awesome new banner. That chick is hot, haha, so now I have another reason to come to the site everday.

  • Sam

    Love the banner and how clever too, although if you don’t watch Gilmore Girls (ie me this season) you probably won’t get it.

    Kristen Bell looks great in that picture by the way!

  • totally VM or Friday Night Lights!

  • Fantastic new header. Grat.