TV Quotes of the Week!

Dear Readers,

While I know I completely dropped the ball on last week’s TV QUOTES OF THE WEEK (by not posting them), I promise to not make the same mistake twice! So post away with your favourite TV Quotes of the week, and they’ll beautifully posted on Sunday.

Sincerely, theTVaddict

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  • ‘I always knew the branch would shut down someday, I just figured it would be because Michael sold the building for some magic beans”
    Jim From The Office: “Branch Closing”

  • Sam

    Probably too late and irrelevant but here they are anyway:

    From Nip/Tuck:

    Sean to Christian: “Have you ever had a baby that someone else didn’t think was theirs?”


    From Grey’s Anatomy:

    Christina to Meredith: “That should be my penis!”