Friday Night Lights Scores A Full Season

According to a press release sent out by NBC, the peacock network has given a full-season order for 2006-07 to its critically hailed freshman drama FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (Tuesdays, 8-9 p.m. ET), it was announced today by Kevin Reilly, President, NBC Entertainment.

“We’re proud to reward an authentic, poignant series like ‘Friday Night Lights’ with a full-season order, demonstrating our confidence in it’s appeal and quality,” said Reilly. “Television critics and devoted fans have supported the show with well-deserved praise for the executive producers, writers and exceptionally talented cast.”

While I could be bitter that KIDNAPPED wasn’t given the same opportunity to find an audience, overall this TV Addict would like to take a moment to praise NBC. Instead of canceling shows well before their time, the network is giving their struggling shows time to find an audience. STUDIO 60, 30 ROCK, and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS are all great shows that, in time (or when America gets its proverbial head of the sand), will hopefully evolve into the massive hits they deserve to be.

  • Oh Sweet! Finally I show I LOVE actually gets some good news for once! (Now all I’m waiting for is CW to pick up Veronica Mars, what are they waiting for? seriously. what else do they have? Runaway? hahahaha… ahem…)

  • Damn right. Friday Night Lights is one of my favourite shows on the air right now and agree with your kudos to NBC who is actually letting some of its shows find time to grow, unlike some other networks (CBS, cough, cough).

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